ICoS: Misc Art

More random art, ICoS!style. I’m not posting anything that’s sooo bad I can’t handle looking at it, but there’s still variation in ability level. Most of this was drawn in 2006-2007.

So, one day (I think 4/5/2007), I pulled out my charcoal and was going to try to draw Emilio but then he didn’t look right when I was done. I ended up with the dude below. I still kind of think of him as Emilio even though he doesn’t really look how I imagine him.


This is just a lady but she makes me think of Vivienne. This was drawn on Harmony. I had a lot of problems using that site; things kept failing so I took to layering over mistakes instead of trying to erase because I would lose things often. There’s another version of her with blond hair but she looks especially crazytown in that so I’m leaving it at the WIP below.


sadface Boyd I drew in a notebook at some point:


The below chibi of Boyd is referencing a scene I think we later edited to lose the part that makes the joke.  This is from when they visit the Di Zhi post in the US in Evenfall (the chapter where Sin shows up before Boyd, who gets pissed, and later Boyd visits Sin’s apartment for the first time). In the original version, Boyd was trying to look harmless so he ended up with a mug of hot coffee as he walked through the hallways, blending in on his calm escape. Sin causes a ruckus elsewhere and halfway down the hallway, Boyd is recognized as an outsider. Boyd threw the hot coffee into one person’s face, and chucked the mug at another’s head, and that was the distraction he needed to begin his fight.


Below is sketch I drew at one point of Boyd sleeping, probably passed out in the middle of planning a mission. I used to note things like what pencil I used to draw art and how long it took. My notes at the bottom say “Boyd planning + sleeping – 10/8/07 – Faber Castell 3B – about 40 minutes”

At any rate, first it’s the original sketch, and after that is when I decided to color it in Photoshop a couple of years later. I never finished coloring; that’s apparently as far as I got.



Although this isn’t technically icos, it makes me think of it:

cityv2   \

Again, not technically icos, but this was a poem I wrote called Afterimage, and apparently I got waaaaayy too excited in Photoshop with the layering. But I’m putting it in with icos stuff because it shares the name of the second book so it’s kind of interesting to think about in that context, even though I’m pretty sure I made this years apart from icos and they had nothing to do with each other.

la3 copy

Boyd, drawn in dA Muro


I almost forgot… the one below, I actually don’t remember what it was. I think it was a joke that I did on TSP’s chat. I’m guessing the joke was that Boyd and Hsin either could go dressed as Mary Sues for Halloween, OR this is what they would have been like if they’d been written as Mary Stus? I  honestly don’t remember. But I think we were joking about them having ridiculous names, and apparently Boyd would have been both a singer AND have magic. And Hsin would have been…pissed? haha I don’t remember his special power in the joke.




In other news, I drew Seth Nguyen too at one point but he doesn’t look quite right. I might write a story focusing on him more at some point. He was one of the kids involved in the Lou incident, and he’s mentioned as later having joined the Agency. Here was the drawing I did but this isn’t really how Seth looks:


(There are lyrics from two songs — Angelspit – Vena Cava on the ground, and Angelspit — Wreak Havoc behind the buildings. To see on a larger scale, go here:  http://mikaaislin.deviantart.com/art/Seth-155902240)



And finally… technically the guy below isn’t from icos but I drew him randomly one day and thought that he’d fit in the world. Maybe someday I’ll make him a character in it. His name is Josef and the lyrics in the background are from Ego Likeness – You Better Leave the Stars Alone.:



To be able to see this in closer detail, go here: http://mikaaislin.deviantart.com/art/Josef-155685885

7 thoughts on “ICoS: Misc Art

  1. ladysieben October 11, 2013 / 8:21 am

    I really like the drawing of Boyd sleeping, particularly the colored version.

    The coffee mug gag is hilarious!

    • Ais October 11, 2013 / 2:28 pm

      Thank you 🙂 And I’m glad the mug bit amuses you!

  2. リサLISA (@dahllm) May 19, 2016 / 2:06 am

    Wow I love ALL of this post, you have such a brilliant mind and visual way of expressing these characters, in your art, writing and abstract! I’m so grateful these are collected! And the coffee mug, PERFECT GETAWAY hahaha

    • Ais May 19, 2016 / 7:39 pm

      Whoa you’re so nice, especially considering you have actual artistic talent and I don’t at all XD But thank you, that’s very sweet of you! ❤

      • リサLISA (@dahllm) May 19, 2016 / 8:14 pm

        Oh my gosh no, I wish I had your talent and imagination! And the way you draw expressions is the best. I was poking around trying to see if there was art or fancasts of Ivan for reference. And I’m still giggling about your Vega sandwich pic and Sin’s Christmas sweater design 😀 Soooo funny!!!

  3. Ais May 19, 2016 / 8:29 pm

    @dahllm (sorry for some reason this only lets a person do three replies before you have to do a new comment, it’s really annoying) — anyway I thought someone did a fancast of Ivan once but I can’t remember at all where it is. I did find this: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/853186-icos-casting-pictures but I didn’t see any Ivan mentions when I searched for his name. So now I’m not sure, maybe I made it up in my mind someone fancast Ivan lol Maybe try searching Santino’s tumblr? Maybe he tagged Ivan on something? I’m not sure tbh.

    lol I’m glad those things amused you! I get a lot of amusement out of drawing the Ais’ Terrible Art things because I don’t have to worry about things actually looking good. I can just be like, “Well, these are chibi pictures drawn on Paint. I mean. They aren’t going to be Picasso.” so then I can just do whatever.

    • リサLISA (@dahllm) May 19, 2016 / 9:07 pm

      Oh my gosh thank you for lookingand for the info! I was just explaining why I was deep i your blog in case it was creepy but then you spent the time to search too!! You’re too kind!

      And that’s the best way to approach anything creative,I think!! *_*

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