About Ais

I’m the co-writer of the post-apocalyptic slash drama In the Company of Shadows, and a rambler extraordinnaire. I tend to write whatever meets my fancy, which sometimes includes GLBTQ themes.

What’s with this blog?

For awhile, I’ve been wanting a place to collect various pieces of writing, overviews of research, and other assorted information like videos, links, Q&As/background information, and more, on anything I write. So far I have things scattered around the intrawebz or slowly dying an unseen life on my hard drive. This blog is a way for me to collect all the random in one place. Does it make it less random if it’s all together instead of stuck in the midst of something else? Let’s vote on that. I vote: kind of the whole internet is random, guys. Just sayin’.

What’s with the names?

This is aisness.wordpress.com because it wouldn’t let me do just ‘Ais.’ It says ‘by Ais’ because the design I used specifies who posted– amusingly, considering I’m the only one who will ever be posting. And I go by Ais because reasons ^_~

The picture at the top is an awesome belt buckle I found at a thrift store completely randomly one day. Boss, right? I should probably just walk around wearing that all the time. Like, even going to sleep. In case I ever forget my name.

How can I contact you?

I like to imagine some creeper is staring intently at the screen right now wondering just that! If that’s you, I don’t really think of you as a creeper. I just like the word. Myself, I’m uber curious so I figured that question might cross someone else’s mind since it crosses my mind all the time.

Well, lords and ladies and undiscloseds of the interwebs, you can find the answer to that piercing question at the contact page.

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