Halo Beauty Pills Review (tl/dr spoiler alert: for me, it actually works wtf!)

I’ve been wanting to make this post for months but I wanted to wait until I could do a proper review with pictures. This will be a long post because of that, but in order to be thorough I wanted to give you as much information as I could for me, personally, so you could calibrate to see if any of this might be helpful for you.

Explanation and Disclaimer(?)

Image result for halo beauty pills Image result for halo beauty and kiwi pills

Tati is a beauty YouTuber who is one of my favorite people and YouTubers. Despite the fact that I really admire and respect her, I am being 100% honest in my review of this. If it had sucked, I would have told you, because I’m way too honest of a person. I would feel like an asshole if I lied. If anything, if I like a YouTuber and they make some sort of product that isn’t just straight up merch, I’m a little bit harsher on it because I want to counteract any potential biases I have in liking them. I was that way with Rhett & Link’s chapstick – I bought it thinking it would be kind of crappy tbh, or very midline. In fact, I love the hell out of it and now always keep it on hand. I appreciate it because of the quality of the actual product itself, and the fact that people I like are behind it makes it even better, but if it had sucked I would have tried it once and never repurchased. And I absolutely would never mention it as a recommendation to others.

I get no money or anything from this review. I documented all of this solely for my own knowledge, and because I wanted to be able to give an honest review down the line – whether that was a, “Sorry Tati, I love your videos but this product did nothing for me” or a “Wow, I can’t believe this actually worked!”

I am not a doctor or any kind of scientist. I can’t tell you anything regarding the actual ingredients of the pills, nor can I tell you whether you should try them, yourself. You definitely should talk to your doctor(s) to verify it’s right for you, the same way you should for any supplements. This review is simply me telling you how it worked for me, personally,

Since I just realized I haven’t mentioned it yet, I’m reviewing Tati’s Halo Beauty pills as pictured above. You can find them online at  https://halobeauty.com/  I use the original pink pills. Since she launched in March 2018, she’s come out with another option (Kiwi, the green pills) for skin. Halo Beauty pills are vegan, gluten-free, have no excess sugar, and cost about $40 a bottle, with a bottle used per month. Kiwi pills are about $30 a bottle, with a bottle used per month. International shipping varies. If you purchase one bottle of the pills within the US, there is a shipping cost, but if you order three bottles at a time shipping is free.

Yes, they may seem expensive compared to cheaper options out there, but first of all if you’re vegan (or vegetarian) you know how hard it is to find nail/hair pills easily that don’t include gelatin and those are already more expensive anyway, and secondly, from what she has said previously they are priced this way due to the ingredients and the fact she is a small business. Could they be cheaper? I have no idea. I’m not that well-versed on the expense of the ingredients themselves. I assume she kept it as cheap as she could because I do believe Tati cares about other people and her audience (and in this case, customers), but because I’m not her and am not a scientist, I can’t answer that question for anyone.

I am not reviewing this product based on the price; I am reviewing it based on if it even works in the first place – which includes an aspect of: is it worth the price for me?

Original Halo Beauty purports to help you with three things: nails, hair, and skin. I will be providing you many images for my nails first and then later will talk a bit about hair and skin (for privacy reasons, I did not include photos of my hair/skin, but for me the nails is the biggest thing so that is my main focus anyway). At this point, I have used 4 bottles of Halo Beauty… that should normally be 4 months of pills, but because of the way I did everything, those 4 bottles were used over the course of almost 7 months.

If you want the short answer: I will forever be purchasing Halo Beauty (unless I switch to Kiwi for a short time to help with skin before flipping back to Halo Beauty) because for the first time in my life, something actually frickin works on my nails! And my hair!

Did I think it would work? Gonna be honest: absolutely not. I ordered the first bottle mostly to support Tati, who’s one of my favorite youtubers and my primary source for beauty recommendations. I respect and admire her so I wanted to help her out. I had little to no hope that Halo Beauty would do anything useful for me, not because I thought she was lying about anything, but because I’ve tried so many things over so many years that I figured my nails and hair just simply will never be strong. I figured it was just a thing for me. I believed her when she said it worked for her, but I pretty much 100% did not think it would do anything for me.

As it turns out, I was wrong. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong about something in my life.

This review is broken down into first focusing on nails, then looking at hair and skin. I have broken it up by headers so make it a little easier for you. I’m starting with some baseline information on me, so you can determine how much of my experience may or may not reflect your own circumstances, and you can therefore adjust my information based on if it is or isn’t useful for you.


What I’ve tried in the past – for comparison (no photos)

Things I’ve tried in the past to make my nails and hair grow, be stronger, or longer:

  • Biotin-type pills I could find that were vegetarian (before I went vegan)
  • Prenatal pills because people kept saying that works
  • Ovation for my hair
  • Cristine/Simply Nailogical’s recommendations for growing longer nails
  • Strengthening nail polish
  • Oils on my nails/cuticles
  • A variety of different vitamin and mineral supplements over the years
  • Covering my nails with nail wraps or nail polish to give rigidity (Espionage Cosmetics has dope nail wraps if you ever want some)

Factors I deal with:

  • I have incredibly sensitive skin, stomach, literally everything (this means I often have to stop taking pills too because they nauseate me)
  • I live in an environment that goes from super cold/dry to hot/humid
  • I am vegetarian of over 20 years and this year started transitioning to vegan
  • I am a moron with my nails – somehow I’m very clumsy and constantly smack my hands into things, get my nails soft from being wet and forget to account for it thus breaking them, etc etc
  • My nails have always kind of sucked tbh
  • I am currently mid-thirties


Here I will show you photos of my nails over months (technically, years) so you can see for yourself my results.


First, a special note:

When I was in college, I studied abroad for a semester in Fiji. I don’t know what the deal was (if it was the food I was eating, or the environment which wasn’t killing my nails every 2 months), but that’s the first time I can remember my nails ever growing long and being pretty strong. They were amazing! And when I returned to the States, I was never able to achieve those nails again… not for any consistent length of time.

The only pictures I can easily access of my nails back then are below, so you have a comparison going forward in my photos. Keep in mind, the pictures from Fiji are from about 13 years ago. Sorry two of them are blurry; back then, people used actual separate cameras and couldn’t tell if it was blurry or not at the time. (Back in my day we walked both ways uphill–! ;p)

One thing I find interesting in looking back is that even when my nails were really long, they were still pretty see-through, which you can especially see on the middle finger of my left hand in the second photo below. I was even wearing a transparent iridescent nail polish in that and you can still see through.

around 2005 nails botharound 2005 nails leftaround 2005 nails right

As mentioned, those lovely nails that made me SO FREAKING HAPPY in Fiji, died eventually after returning home, and were never to be found again. Every now and then I’d get lucky, get my nails to grow long, and then they’d start breaking one by one. Some nails I can keep longer, sometimes I can keep them for a while, but eventually my nails broke and broke and broke.

In early 2017, I noticed my nails had become so brittle that layers were peeling/flaking off no matter what I did. Also, when my nails broke, they would often break midway in the nail bed, causing pain and making me have to come up with solutions (the tea bag solution works decently well) for trying to get it to grow out long enough to cut short. Also, when they broke, they often broke on both sides at once.

I tried following Simply Nailogical/Cristine’s suggestions of how to make my nails grow, but trying her way didn’t work simply because I think for my personal body chemistry or whatever, it wasn’t enough. I apparently needed something else to help me out. I was trying Cristine’s way for months, though, from when she released the video in August 2017, to a couple of months before when Tati released Halo in March 2018. It helped a little bit, but not enough. At some point, I gave up trying her way because my nails were still too shredded and broke too easily, so I went back to nail wraps because those seemed to help my nails at least function a little bit, and give them some sort of integrity, rather than ripping into the nail bed so often. I still think Cristine’s video has good information, though, so I think others should watch it. You may have better luck with your personal body chemistry and circumstances, especially depending on your environment. Temperamental weather/winters are not very nice on nails.


I was an idiot and forgot to take baseline pictures from before I took any Halo at all. The closest I have is below, which was taken March 6, 2018.

nails left March 6 2018



I took photos of my nails on March 17, 2018, but did not give myself a note on if these were BEFORE photos, or if they were right after I’d started Halo.

I made a short video on March 24, 2018, where I said that I had been on Halo a short time but couldn’t remember exactly how long. (I’m not sharing this video, just quoting it for information.) I noted that I had ordered Halo when she launched it on the day of the video she released (her launch video was February 28, 2018, but if I remember correctly the actual release date was March 2, 2018). It took about a week and a half or so to get to me… longer than others for sure, because there was one or two weeks where people were already starting Halo and talking about it online and I hadn’t received the package at all. (Incidentally, since then, it’s come much more quickly – just took a couple of days the latest time I ordered.)

Because of all that, the March 17 photos would be either right before Halo, or within days of starting it. Because I can’t be sure which way it is, I’m noting this time as “around starting Halo” because I can’t guarantee you they are 100% Before Photos. I kind of recall taking photos about a week into Halo so I think they are not technically Before Halo.

What is most interesting in the photos below is that you can probably see what I mean about how layers kept ripping off of my nails no matter what I tried to do. You can see how uneven the surfaces of my nails were, even with really nice nail wraps to help me out. You can also see that my cuticles suuuuuucked. In the video on March 24, I mentioned that although I’d been taking Halo since I had gotten it, I forgot some days to take it.

March 17, 2018

20180317_nails left top20180317_nails left20180317_nails right20180317_nails top right


March 24, 2018 – these photos show you best how flaky my nails weremarch 2018 nails left extreme closeupmarch 2018 nails right extreme closeup



At this point, I had definitely started using Halo — although, there was a time when I stopped for about a month. And like an idiot, I did not exactly mark down when that was. More information below these photos.

April 30, 2018 




May 4, 2018 



So, when Tati first made her announcement I bought one bottle of Halo to try it out, and I used it until I ran out. Then I didn’t reorder. I got off it for probably another month or so, maybe longer.

I decided to get back on Halo when I noticed a difference in my nails, and I think around the time she may have done free shipping for a hot second. I bought more, got back on it, but kept forgetting to take it. ALSO, I totally didn’t even realize it, but I was only taking 1 pill instead of 2 pills a day at that point…… until August 2018, or whenever the video was when Tati mentioned people ask her if they have to take one pill in morning and one at night or if they can do both at once and she said she does both at once. I saw that and realized, oh crap… I 100% forgot this was a 2 pill/day scenario, so I’d been doing 1 pill/day since my second order -_- What a dweeb.

Halo Beauty’s emails tell me my two orders were placed March 2 and April 27.  Unfortunately, I didn’t properly document the exact amount of time I was off Halo, exactly how long I’d forget at a time (but I’m pretty sure it was sometimes weeks), or how long exactly I did 1 pill instead of 2, etc… so I can’t give you exact numbers below but I do have the dates so you can at least see my nails and compare for yourself.

What I can tell you is around October 12, 2018, I finished my 4th bottle of Halo. Because of how wonky I did everything, calculating my usage by bottle is probably better than by time.


July 6, 2018 – back on Halo but I have no idea how long, also was 1 pill/day probably



August 20, 2018 – by this time I was probably on the 2 pill/day like I should have been, on Halo pretty consistently since I’d restarted

*note: I wasn’t trying to take photos of my nails this day, I was taking a pic of what looked like a super baby tiny snail I found on a houseplant. But since it shows my nail I thought you may like to see the progress. Not sure if you can tell but the thickness of my nails was absolutely affected by this point.

snail nail



September 5, 2018 – still consistently on Halo, 2 pills/day, rarely forgot to take

Interim note: The Breakening – see beneath the photos for explanation.

Sept nail 01

Sept nail 02Sept nail 03

About a week prior to the above pictures, I was doing something and managed to head on shove my thumbnail against something hard, flexing the entire nail down to my thumb like a 90 degree angle. In the past, that 100% would have snapped my entire nail off straight down to the bed. In fact, in the past it would have made my nail crack midway down my nail bed itself.

This time it hurt like hell, and I fully expected my nail to die. In the past, even if it didn’t snap off completely right away, it would have basically scored the nail across the entire length of it, and it would have definitely torn off or snapped off soon afterward.

To my shock, my nail bounced back so thoroughly that it took me a week to realize there had been any lasting damage done to the nail at all. And even then, the only indication was a tiny little v of nail that came out on the right side, and on the left a tiny little fracture. They were so miniscule that for days I was able to leave them alone without even trying to fix it, but the little v started getting caught on things like my hair, so I employed the tea bag + green tea/bamboo nail strengthener trick. That worked, as always.

I took pictures of the nail at the fracture/”break” as best I could, so you could see how shockingly small the consequence was of jamming my nail 90 degrees the wrong way like a moron.

If you’re like, “But I don’t see it still?” — RIGHT?? WTFFFF

But also, for visual purposes, see that itty bitty jagged line on the right side of the photo of my nail? That’s the v that was cut out from my heathenous treatment of my nails. Like, genuinely dude, it was hard even getting a picture of it because it was so tiny.





September 7, 2018 – 2 pills/day, continue to pretty consistently take

sept 7 2018 left

Sept nail leftsept nail right

You can see that there was a tiny bit of the layer flaking on my left hand’s middle finger still at this point, but the rest of my nails had really smoothed out, grown longer, and gotten stronger. Despite how idiotic I was with protecting my nails.

…which became even more evident in the following two days. -_-;


September 8 & 9, 2018 – aka, in further idiocy…

Information on the breaks beneath the photos.

Sept 8 2018 right nail broken

Sept 9 2018 leftt

Sept 9 2018 nails kind brokenSept 9 2018 rightsept 9 2018 v nail right

I don’t even remember what the hell I did, but somehow I messed up my right thumbnail and my left middle fingernail… please, nail-lovers, don’t evict me from society. I swear I love long nails! I don’t know what my problem is!

I found two notes I’d left around that time explaining the nail fractures/breaks:

Dude I don’t even know what the heck I did on my thumbnail, but as you can see, at the time of the picture, I had honey badger nails that don’t give a shit. Any fracture would have meant my entire nail would have to be ripped or cut down to the bed in the past, even when I tried not doing so, because my nail would have been so weak. This time, I don’t even have to care because it’s like my nails give no shits about fractures anymore, and even if I end up cutting or breaking a piece off, the rest of it retains its integrity so it’s not a domino effect down to 3 months ago in growth anymore.

And below:

Also, I noticed that at some point I had done some dumb ass other thing that made the nail on my middle finger on my left hand kind of scored down on the edge. You can barely see it but I couldn’t get a good pic. Basically, it was broken, but my nails are frickin Hercules right now, so it was almost more bent than broken. It was clearly disconnected in the center of the break because I could push that flap all the way down and up against the bottom of my nail, but even then! My nails are so strong right now that it was an actual difficulty breaking that piece off fully from my nails without the use of any tools (because I’m super laze).

Like…. what the actual fuck, dude… I’ve had weak nails for literal decades at this point, no matter what I tried doing. My nails would crack and break at the frickin THOUGHT of things. I still don’t understand how my nail is so powerful right now that it actually refused to fully separate even when a section of it was completely broken off.

ALSO, previously when I took off a broken part, I would inevitably end up having to cut the nail down a lot further because the break would fracture down, and my nails were so thin that it was just impossible to salvage them when they were a little damaged. I would try valiantly, but I was very infrequently successful. Meanwhile, I didn’t even need to get a file for this. That bit broke off and my nail was like, “aight homie, I’m cool.” And it’s been chillin out same length and strength since. What??? How even??? Am I actually in Hogwarts right now???


October 14, 2018 – recently finished 4th bottle of Halo

20181014_left close20181014_leftt close

october 2018 nails left

Sorry that last photo is so blurry – I didn’t think to take a head-on shot until it was dark and the lighting sucked.

One thing you might think when you see my photos is – what the hell, why are your nails so short? It’s because I keep doing dumb things, so I keep cutting or biting them down because I have problems.

BUT!! – and this is a MASSIVE fricking ‘but’ – my nails are SO much stronger! They’re short now primarily because I’m an idiot, and because we’re going into winter. But despite the fact the length isn’t what I would prefer, the strength is still beyond expectations!

If I had to describe it best in toilet paper terms, I would say I went from 1-ply to 3-ply with my nails. Like, the super nice 3-ply too. This shit has aloe on it and everything.

I have shown off my nails to multiple people, and had them test the strength of my nails by pushing on them/flexing them. Every single person has been surprised by the resiliency.

So here’s the thing: maybe they’re short now, yeah. But for the first time in over a decade, I have really good reason to believe they will actually grow and stay long again in the future. And in the meantime, they’re stronger than they may have ever been.

Halo Beauty for my nails: 10/10 recommend


Direct comparison photos

By the way, if you don’t want to scroll all the way back up for comparison photos, see a more direct comparison below between March and October 2018, as well as March and September since September was when my nails were the longest so far.


MARCH V SEPTEMBER (aka before I kept murdering my nails into October)



I have less evidence for my skin because I didn’t track it as much. I have exceedingly sensitive skin, to the point that I can’t even use hairspray because it makes me break out, and if I put anything in my hair (sea salt spray, heat protection spray, leave-in conditioner, doesn’t matter what), I will break out because I got it on my face when sleeping at night. I also break out from my dog licking my face, and from using the wrong cleanser, or moisturizer, or hydrator, or too much or too little of any of that. I break out from getting my eyebrows waxed. I get red from using skincare products sometimes. Masks have made me react. Different makeup reacts differently. Whether I wash my brushes or sponges enough, whether I use blush, or concealer, or try something new, or use something a little too old, and more, all affect whether I break out.

I basically can’t do anything except use super expensive and/or extremely specific things to keep my skin 100% clear. There are, therefore, far too many factors for me to give any indication of how Halo has or hasn’t worked for my skin.

What I can tell you is my skin was very clear for a while after starting Halo. And I distinctly remember a couple of days where I looked in the mirror in the morning and was genuinely confused and thrown off by how my skin was fricking glowing — and I went to myself, “What the hell? What moisturizer did I use last night?? I use the same thing all the time???” — before I remembered, wait a second, that’s right, I’m on Halo now.

So I do think Halo has helped my skin glow at times. However, it can’t stop my sensitive skin from reacting to basically anything that exists on Earth that isn’t the flipping air. Currently I have a lot of breakouts on my face because I got waxed the other day and I have used some products on my hair and my dog has been getting sneaky licks in before I can pull away, plus I’ve been trying some new makeup. I don’t know if Halo helps any breakouts go away sooner or not, as I didn’t think to track any of that.

What I can say about original Halo Beauty and my skin is that it’s certainly made my skin look very clear and glowing at least a couple of times mid-summer, but I can’t give any other information. I don’t think it’s negatively affecting anything, so it’s either a non-issue or it’s helping. Therefore, I count it as a neutral-to-positive point for Halo.

I do really want to try Kiwi in the future, though, to see if a month or two on that can make my skin game strong before returning to original Halo Beauty. We’ll see on that!

Halo Beauty for my skin: not ranked because there are too many factors. I don’t recommend AGAINST using it, though, based on my experience.

[UPDATE 10/20/2018 follows] – I saw an aunt I hadn’t seen for months. This aunt has never, to my memory, specifically commented on my makeup or anything like that, and I don’t really remember her commenting on my skin before but possibly she has far in the past. There is no recent conversation I can recall where she ever mentioned anything to do with my looks. She almost never comments on people’s looks.

However, literally the first thing she said when she looked up at me was, “Your skin looks so good!” I was surprised and said, “What?” And she said, “Your skin! It looks amazing!” and even reached out to touch my face. I told her I was using a new pill that’s supposed to have skin benefits and she said, “It works! Start handing it out to everyone!” My dad commented that it was probably my diet more than anything. Then a cousin came over and the first thing my aunt said to her was, “Look at her skin! She takes a pill for it!” which made us all burst out laughing XD

I want to give an important contextual note: I was wearing new foundation and primer, but the same powder and bronzer as usual and a highlighter I’ve worn before, so I don’t know whether that factors in.

To give you information to allow you to judge for yourself, what I was wearing that day was: GlamGlow Glowstarter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer in the shade Nude Glow, Makeup Revolution’s Fast Base Stick Foundation, and the usual Coty Airspun powder, with highlighter Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Golden Lights and Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. Typically, I don’t wear primer at all, and my go-to foundation lately has primarily been Flower Beauty Light Illusion, and previous to that it was Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation. I always use Coty Airspun for setting powder and Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer, and the highlighter I used varies significantly based on my makeup that day but the one I had on that day is one I use maybe 30-40% of the time regularly and about 90% of the time with more intense makeup, so if you see me, there’s a decent chance I have that on depending on how hard I went on my makeup that day.

For further information: that primer definitely is meant to make you glow, and it definitely works with just the primer, but by the time I put on the foundation which is more matte and then I use a TON of Coty Airspun over my entire face, I felt that I looked pretty matte and you couldn’t really see the effects of the primer. But that highlighter is very intense so you can definitely see the shine – on the other hand, it’s so intense that it’s very obvious I’m wearing highlighter when I put it on, and when she touched my face it wasn’t on the only place I put highlighter (my cheeks, because I’m a heathen and don’t contour my nose or put highlighter anywhere else other than eyes), she instead touched my cheek/jaw which is where only the foundation, primer/moisturizer, bronzer, and setting powder would have been.

Her comment, therefore, was either a testament to Halo Beauty, or to those particular makeup products. I don’t know which it is, since that was literally the first time in my life I’ve worn that foundation, and that foundation + primer combo. But I wanted to mention it since it could be relevant to this portion of my review.

Therefore, again, either Halo is working very well for my skin (which would be a positive point), or it’s at least not doing anything to counteract the other products I’m using (which would be a neutral point) since my aunt, for the first time in my recollection, commented on my skin immediately, and did so when I was clearly wearing makeup. I would think that if she thought my makeup looked good she would have said that, not commented on my skin, but I don’t know.



My hair is very thin and fine, and has natural wave/curl. It also grows VERY slowly… I had my hair so short it was nearly shaved at one point, and then went four years without a haircut. By the end of those four years of constant growth, it was maybe to midway on my… scapula, google is telling me those just-below-shoulders bones in the back are called. Anyway, I have friends whose hair grows that length in a month or two, not 4 years. Also, I lose hair like crazy – I always say I shed like a dog.

I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for… about 13 years now? I started seeing her probably within a year after my nail pictures from Fiji. She has been with me in multiple cycles of me trying to grow my hair, then cutting it, then dyeing it, then doing all sorts of things. She knows my hair better than anyone, probably myself included.

A couple of years ago, I desperately wanted my hair to actually be stronger, longer, thicker. I decided to try Ovation because my friend’s mom raved about it and how well it worked for her.

I got Ovation, started using it…. and HAAAAATED it. All it seemed to do was coat my hair in this disgusting texture that just felt like it was dirty all the time. I wanted it to strengthen, I wanted my curls to be more defined, I wanted it to grow faster. None of those things felt like they happened for me. I knew it had worked for others, but apparently there’s something with my particular hair or body chemistry that did not want to let Ovation work for me. I disliked the way my hair felt to the touch and that it felt kind of weighed down more than anything, and just wanted to be done with it.

During this time, I went to my hairstylist who I hadn’t seen for a couple of months, since before I started Ovation. I got through the haircut/style and then asked her if she noticed anything different with my hair. She said not really. I told her I was using Ovation and asked her, based on her professional opinion and her knowledge of my hair, if she thought it was doing anything to help me. She said absolutely not. It was a waste of money. I agreed with her, and promptly gave all of my Ovation products away to others for them to see if they would have better luck than me. The only thing I kept was the comb. Making it like a $90 comb for me.

Ovation was the only thing I had heard of from anyone in my personal life where something actually worked to help their hair… the fact that it was such a flop for me, personally, was so incredibly disappointing. I thought I had no other options going forward. Ovation worked wonderfully for others, but it didn’t work for me. All the things people said worked for them didn’t work for me, including prenatal vitamins, biotin supplements, everything.

It never worked. I got discouraged and gave up.

I usually go to my hairdresser every 4-8 weeks, depending on how much I’m trying to grow my hair and other factors. But this year she was on maternity leave, and like a moron I missed my chance to go in and see her before she left. I ended up not being able to see her from somewhere around February 2018 to October 11, 2018. It was over half a year. Uggggh, weirds me out just thinking about it. At any rate, when she had last seen me, Halo Beauty wasn’t even a thing, and I was trucking along on my typical multi-year journey to get my hair to grow a flipping inch or two can you just grow??

In late September 2018, probably around September 28, I was talking to my apartment manager who’s known me for the better part of a decade. She, too, has seen me growing my hair out slowly, which I’ve been doing the past 2-3 years I think.

I had not super noticed anything in particular with my hair while being on Halo (at least that I had documented – but to be honest, I feel like I can see a difference when I look at old photos vs now). I didn’t really think about my hair re: Halo because I was so focused on my nails, until one day when I had my hair pulled to the side in a really low ponytail at the base of my skull and offset so all my hair came over one shoulder. I was surprised by how long my hair seemed so suddenly when I did that… it felt like I’d done something similar the week before, but for whatever reason this day it felt like suddenly it was an inch or two longer. I figured I was just seeing things. But that evening I stopped in to talk to my manager, and she said in surprise, “Your hair is so long!” I told her I’d thought the same thing and she said how it definitely seemed longer out of nowhere. I told her it was probably Halo, and she said, “Whatever it is, it’s working!”

About two weeks after that interaction, I finally got to see my hairstylist (thank goddddddddd I was DYINGGGGGGG!) When I saw her, I didn’t say a thing about my hair aside from what I wanted done with it that day. We chatted about everything else under the sun, until I was gathering my things to leave.

“Did you notice anything different with my hair?” I asked her.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Was it longer than you expected, or stronger or anything, really… just curious.”

“It was thicker,” she said immediately. So instantly that it surprised me. She didn’t have to think about it at all. “I thought about that earlier,” she continued. “How thick it is.”

So I told her how I’m trying this new thing, Halo Beauty, and I showed her my nails and how resilient they are (despite all my apparent idiotic efforts to counteract that), and I mentioned my hair again.

“It’s definitely thicker,” she said, and put her hand through the back of my hair to lightly pull. “Especially back here. I really noticed it here.” (Later, I would text her to make sure I didn’t misrepresent her words – I asked if she said my hair was thicker or stronger because I forgot which word she used, and she texted back immediately: Both.)

She was intrigued by there being such a significant difference in my hair after over a decade of knowing me. I gave her Halo Beauty’s website, where she skimmed the ingredients. I told her that if she has other clients who are struggling with thin, fine hair or shitty nails, she might want to mention Halo to them. I don’t know if it would work for them, but it definitely worked for me – to the point that a professional I trust to tell me the truth was instantly aware that there was a definite difference in my hair for the first time in over a decade. Without me saying a word to influence her noticing that.

Does Halo work on my hair? Yep. For my specific circumstances, 9/10 recommend.

The only reason it’s 9/10 and not 10/10 is because I wish I could achieve faster-growing hair 😦 I know that’s not possible and super not Halo’s fault. It’s just that a girl can dream that after months on Halo, maybe in the future Halo will grow my hair faster in addition to making it thicker/stronger. Then it can be 10/10! (Probably should be 10/10 now tbh)

–NOTE: I almost forgot to add! Another way I’ve noticed Halo Beauty working on my hair is I have this weird stray eyelash on the end of one eye which is dead-ass white, and grows 2-3 times the length of all my other eyelashes. This little stray dude almost never pops up in my life but has occasionally, and he always makes me so happy because he’s so random and weird. I hadn’t seen him for years, and recently he grew again after I started Halo. He ends up falling out accidentally after a certain length, just because of the whole makeup and removal thing, and in the past when he disappeared he’d be gone for good for a long time. But since being on Halo, he’s popped up twice and I hope keeps returning! It’s the little things that count, right? lol

Updated Halo recommendation based on my wily eyelash: 9.5/10 recommend. (Still holding out hope on faster-growing hair)

–LAST NOTE: I forgot that Halo Beauty is supposed to have anti-grey something or other in it. I have no idea on if that works or doesn’t work, because I already have some grey in my hair, and have no idea on if I gained more at the usual rate or if it slowed down. I can therefore give you no information on that piece.



This isn’t really a con, it’s just a reminder: if you have an extremely sensitive stomach like me, make sure you take Halo Beauty with food. I didn’t on a few days and got really nauseated. But that happens with ANY vitamin or supplement I ever take. I’ve now started taking Halo in the evenings and have had no problems.

Also, this is TMI but I would feel like I was lying or misleading people if I didn’t mention it: the only other con is sometimes Halo makes me gassy and I don’t know why. But it usually goes away pretty quickly, and it’s not every single day. So I think it’s a combination of what I eat that day and how soon until I take it. I doubt this happens for others or most people… again, you do not understand how excessively sensitive my stomach is. The fact that I don’t have more problems is more shocking than anything. Anyway, that’s another reason I switched to evenings, so I wasn’t dealing with that at work. It’s basically a non-issue at this point, but I felt like I should say it so it wouldn’t seem like I hid it.

I’ve experienced no other cons using Halo Beauty.

I know some people will also say a con is the price. It’s certainly expensive if you look at it over the course of a year. But, as my hairstylist said: for some things, it’s worth it. Would I love it if I could get it cheaper? Of course I would. But if you have high quality products, you can’t really expect them for sub-quality price, in all fairness. I love a good deal and generic brand same as the next girl, but there are some things I will pay more for, not only because it’s absolutely worth it for that price to me, but also to support a company or brand or product which actually does what it says it will do in a world of BS marketing with poor to no results.

In my opinion, for me personally, I can rearrange my budget in other places to make room for this… it’s a higher priority than that random shit I’d buy at Target, anyway.



Will Halo Beauty work for you? I honestly don’t know. I’m not your body, I’m not your circumstances, I’m not your doctor. Maybe it would do absolutely nothing for you, I don’t know. Or maybe it would surprise you by how well it works. Maybe it would be somewhere in between with mediocre results. I don’t know. I can’t predict that for you.

Did Halo Beauty work for me? 1000% yes.

Will I ever stop Halo Beauty? Hell no. It’s been 13 years since my nails had any amount of integrity at all… no way am I going back to the crap I had to deal with when they sucked before. I’ve been waiting literal decades for something like Halo Beauty to exist. I hope it never goes away.

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you to Tati for making it, and for not backing down when she received such (IMO unwarranted) negativity upon her first launch. Halo Beauty has been an absolute game-changer for me, on something so fundamental as hair, skin, and nails, that it’s something I hope I never have to go without again. I know how it is to have my nails constantly ripping off into my nail bed, and my cuticles rife with hangnails, and my hair thin. Is it the end of the world? By no means. Does it still suck? Absolutely. If given the choice between living a life without those problems and a life with, I would choose without.

For that reason, I really appreciate Tati and Halo Beauty both, and will plan to continue to use Halo Beauty indefinitely into the future.

I hope this review helps a little for anyone who wanted a review from someone who’s been using Halo for months and was curious to see pictures.

Again, you really need to consider things for your own circumstances to see if it might be right for you. As for me, 100% it is.

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