Music: MikelWJ, Help Me

I was wandering around youtube when I ran across this teenager MikelWJ. He has a number of songs, and what I really like about them is they have good messages. (The ones I’ve seen so far) Then I saw this video, and it made me think of ICoS. The exact situation he mentions doesn’t track but I feel like the feeling of the video definitely does.

Some lyrics I highlighted are behind a cut for anyone who hasn’t read through the birthday chapter in Evenfall. You’ll know what chapter I mean if you’ve read it.

Either way, if you want to find more of his music, go to or search MIKELWJ at youtube, itunes, or pretty much anywhere. Incidentally, it seems that most if not all of his music is free for download.

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Misc art: sketches

I’ve been going through my old stuff trying to figure out if there’s anything else ICoS-related to share. We started writing the story within the year after I graduated college so a lot of the very early icos bits are mixed in with folders from college. I used to doodle all the time when writing notes. I found a few that I figured I may as well share. The proportions are off/sometimes there are strange designs, etc, but that’s because I was using a pen so I couldn’t erase anything. Then I ran across miscellaneous other stuff and decided to just post it as a random collection.

This first post is all NON-icos stuff. The next one has the random icos stuff I found.

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NSVIC: Ais’ Epic ICoS Dreams

This conversation took place on 10/21/2007. I was recounting two ICoS-related dreams I had in a row. I don’t feel like making it more coherent so it’s staying in the AIM convo format.

PS: I included bits of the convo that was going on at the same time. We were writing one of the later Evenfall chapters at the time of this convo (probably in the late 40s). I deleted all the parts that included spoilers or were not entertaining or were just distracting. Which was basically all of it XD

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This conversation must have occurred around December 3, 2006, which is the day we first started posting the story on AFFN/

At the time we were having this conversation, I think we were also writing a chapter that might have later been edited out. In case you aren’t aware, we roleplayed the story but were often also talking at the same time. Each time one of us said “posted” or “replied” it’s because we wrote some part of the scene. I think we were probably writing the scene where Boyd/Ryan were having that heart-to-heart over a sandwich XD

Anyway, Sonny was all gung ho about posting the story to AFFN and I thought he was crazy (why would anyone ever read it?) but said he could do whatever. So this is where he was talking about posting it to AFFN.

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NSVIC/WMHB: ICoS Conceived

The first mention of what would become ICoS – December 31, 2005

Behind a cut for length. If you were ever on our forum at our site, you might have seen this already. This is literally the conversation where ICoS was first conceived. We were on AIM one Saturday, and this happened. Back then, Sonny and I both wrote more fanfiction than anything, hence my first question to him. d9 was a roleplaying game we’d created, called District 9 (before that movie came out), based on a gay area of a city we made up named Neulan. Boyd came from there. Glimmer was a separate rpg we played online that was set up by friends and was a sci-fi/fantasy quest. Sin came from there.

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Art: Boyd sketches

over the years, I made sketches of Boyd for reference. The following drawings 1) aren’t very talented, 2) were meant to be a general idea for myself and Sonny, and 3) are semi-canon, in that they were ways of referencing canon things for myself BUT doesn’t mean anything had to look exactly the way I drew it. The fonts may be different on things, the exact positioning of this or that may change, and if people had a different view of him in their mind, then they aren’t wrong, either.

Below the cut contains spoilers through Fade chapter 7.

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