ICoS Crackfic for tumblr ask to ICoS characters: How was your first time?

I’m posting this here mostly so I don’t lose it if I ever need to find it again.how was your first time

I saw your tweet asking for the answer to be a mini fic… I’m not sure if I did this right but oh well, this is what I did lol These are not canon answers btw, it’s just a joke about ways people could respond.

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ICOS Character Inspirations

Over the years I kept watch for any characters who might make good representations for aspects of ICoS characters. Of course, I often would identify someone and then later forget who it was. Luckily, eventually I got smart and kept a list.

I already did a post on Baby Boyd. This is a collection of videos and pics of the other characters who caught my eye as good representation. Keep in mind: the characters don’t necessarily look like the people I have marked as representative of them. More often, it’s the way they act or other aspects that put them on this list.

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