WIP Files: 2/20/14, Project Fierce attempt #4


WIP Files, 2/20/14. I really want to write something for Project Fierce but I am having SO many problems. I have tried starting three different stories and I don’t like any of them, and can’t stay inspired enough to continue.

I thought if I pulled out my whiteboard maybe I could brainstorm some ideas on a new story entirely. Maybe I could finish in time still before the deadline (2/28)… but when I brought out the marker, I got the idea for this picture and drew this instead. I kind of know what I’m trying this time around but I honestly don’t know if it will work out. I really want to support this but I don’t know if I will be able to write something decent for the given prompts, no matter how much I keep trying. Basically, lately, if it isn’t ICoS or magic, I just can’t write it.

Anyway, I’m posting this as my WIP File of the day because I’m really hoping I can force myself to finish this time around.

PS: the lighting was such that it got the shadow of my hands taking the picture at the bottom which I thought was kind of funny, because I always lift my pinky finger like I’m in Victorian England drinking a cuppa and I don’t know why lol