Fanworks: ICoS Songs

If you haven’t been to our fan page on our site, you might not have run across this. Two awesome fans made songs inspired by ICoS. See them below, including links to their soundcloud pages:

Shadow and Echo by blisschild

Find the song at, including the lyrics.

Boyd’s Lullaby by Flowolf

Find the song at

Music: MikelWJ, Help Me

I was wandering around youtube when I ran across this teenager MikelWJ. He has a number of songs, and what I really like about them is they have good messages. (The ones I’ve seen so far) Then I saw this video, and it made me think of ICoS. The exact situation he mentions doesn’t track but I feel like the feeling of the video definitely does.

Some lyrics I highlighted are behind a cut for anyone who hasn’t read through the birthday chapter in Evenfall. You’ll know what chapter I mean if you’ve read it.

Either way, if you want to find more of his music, go to or search MIKELWJ at youtube, itunes, or pretty much anywhere. Incidentally, it seems that most if not all of his music is free for download.

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