Fiji Journal Entry: No Laugh Zacky

I was looking through my old journal entries from Fiji for a project and ran across some amusing anecdotes. Below are some excerpts, the first being one where I was listing things in bullet point format I’d forgotten to mention in an earlier entry. I redacted the names of the parents and changed some names to protect the kids’ identities. Also, for context, Amitesh was a baby boy, maybe 1ish or younger? And Bina was a little girl around 5 years old.

10/10/04, Sunday; 11:02 pm

-hilarious kid lives upstairs — Zachariah. Mom’s half Fijian, half Indo-Fijian, dad’s Indian. “Zacky” is a little kid–maybe 2?– who doesn’t speak very clearly and likes to demand “No laugh!” very abruptly in such a manner as to make it impossible — for me, at least — to do anything but laugh.

-ripping myself out of some fucked up (in amusing ways) dreams at 3:20 pm on a Sunday afternoon because I think I hear someone yell, “Anaconda movie!” and I feel like I should watch it since it was filmed in Fiji.

11/10/04, Monday; 10:03 pm

Today I had no school in honor of Fiji Independence Day yesterday. It was awesome.

No Laugh Zacky made me laugh lots when he stared at me and said, “Go away!” then “bye” in roughly the same breath. Amitesh had me laughing when he got so excited about slapping my hand in a low high five that he started grinning adorably and wheezing in what was apparently his super uber cute kid version of a laugh.

I learned more about Islam and Muslims and a few other religions. And, partially on accident and partially as a joke, I ended up having Bina spell my name as “prawn”.

WIP Files: Julian Files Scrivener-fying


I’ve been sadsauce lately so I’m resurrecting WIP Files. This pic is from me migrating Julian Files to Scrivener to work on it further.

Currently, Julian Files is 72,405 words. I don’t know how long it will end up being in the end, but I’m going to guess at least 100,000, and possibly closer to 150,000. That will depend largely on how much I go into the lives of the Beaulieus and Julian or if I start being much more strict about only following the main plot. The former is more fun so that may be what I end up doing.

Q&A: Boyd’s look post-Aleixo

In 2013 on our Santino & Ais Goodreads group, I had gotten a question regarding Boyd and his looks and why he might have chosen to do certain things in Fade. I realized today that it’s too difficult to direct-link to that individual comment, and I didn’t want to forget or lose the more in-depth answer.

The question and answer are both behind a cut below due to major spoilers for Fade.

(By the way, I did answer the Kassian part of her question later too and at first I was going to just leave that alone and potentially put it in another post, but in rereading my initial answer I remembered that on Lorraine’s request I had followed up with a longer answer, mixing in the Kassian part. So I just did both in this post. It makes it really long but if you’re interested in Boyd’s motivations or psychology, you might enjoy this.)

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ICoS: random research/note

I just found this randomly super detailed note in a really old file I hadn’t touched in years. I don’t know if it’s of interest to anyone, but this is what I had.


owns a 2009 Audi A4 Saloon, exterior color phantom black, pearl effect, w/ black interior with milano leather, engine SE 3.2 FSI 265 PS 6 speed manual transmission

Note: contains Bang & Olufsen sound system designed specifically for A4, w/ surround-sound reproduction w/ dynamic-noise compensation, 14 high-performance loudspeakers (505 watt) and 10-channel amplifier. BLAIR may be interested in this and freak over it (check reviews on quality of sound — even if crappy sounding, he’d be interested in the idea of the system made specifically for that)

Let’s Talk About It: new blog series I’ll be doing

There are a number of serious/heavy topics that I want to talk about but they are such complex topics, and I am by no means an expert on them, that there’s no way I can cover it all in one post or two. I decided to start a new series of posts I’ll be doing, on complicated topics I’ve done research on that I’d like to delve into, either to open dialogue with others on the topic or simply to gather my thoughts in one place.

These topics have already been covered by other people probably better than I will do it, but I also feel like they’re topics where I understand both sides of the situation and so many times when I see conversations about these topics it seems skewed one way or the other. Which to me feels less balanced. So my posts probably will not be that important or ground-changing or anything, it’s just my thoughts on the topic based on whatever research or information I have gathered so far. I will only write a post in this series if it’s on a topic where I’ve developed an opinion or feel like I have researched enough to have something meaningful to say. There are a lot of topics out there that I haven’t developed an opinion on because I haven’t seen enough on one side or the other to feel that the information I have so far isn’t biased.

I’m going to call it the Let’s Talk About It series, and it won’t necessarily have anything to do with writing– at least, nothing specifically that I’ve written so far. It’s more about general topics for real life. Some of these topics may end up having multiple blog posts if needed to do it justice.

Topics I will likely cover are:

  • Neurobiology of trauma/sexual assault
  • Being a good bystander
  • Law enforcement/race relations in the US
  • eating disorders (possibly)

And more–although, I might change my mind on covering some of the above. I particularly have been wanting to talk about law enforcement/race relations for quite some time but it’s such a massive topic that if I feel like I can’t properly explain my point of view I might drop that one. I’d rather say nothing and not mislead than say a lot of the wrong thing. Particularly because my viewpoint on it isn’t necessarily the same as everyone else’s.

If there are other complicated topics you’re curious about seeing if I’ve done any research/have any opinions on, let me know and I’ll check if I feel comfortable doing a post.

I’m giving some forewarning on this new series in part because I’ve been meaning/wanting to do this for many weeks but every time I get home from work I’m so exhausted I just can’t do anything other than read/watch something all evening– and in part so that, if you are not at all interested in this type of blog post, you know to ignore anything labeled Let’s Talk About It.

I don’t know when I’ll do the first post in this series, but at least now you’ve been warned.