ATA: ICoS quote for inspiration



I love art supplies but rarely do anything with them. I was rereading ICoS making notes for future editing and in Fade, a quote stood out to me. I’ve been feeling emo and I thought I could try to use it as inspiration.

I’ve had an oval piece of paper for years that I kept aside for the day I might finally have a purpose for it, and last Sunday I realized this was it. I used oil pastel crayons for the words and then used watercolor to wash over it. I taped it over a big art piece that happens to have the same coloring, because it’s the only space I have above my computer.

If you can’t read it, this is the quote:

“But that was the way it went anytime a person was on the precipice of change. The fear of the future mixed with the loss of the past. At those times, all a person could do was step forward.”

ATA: Boyd’s (Bad) Advice (#1?)

More Ais’ Terrible Art! This was inspired because I was catching up on youtube subscriptions and this video got me thinking about how it would be funny to have an advice column featuring the different stages of Boyd in ICoS.

Here you go! I named it #1? because I don’t know if I’ll do more. If you want to give me fake (or real) questions for advice to keep in a prompt list for future Boyd’s (Bad) Advice comics, let me know! This one I got from searching for advice column questions lolz


Dead Rain excerpts

Somehow, I had never done any Dead Rain excerpts here?? Is that right? I was looking for them just now and could only find them on my livejournal.

In case anything ever happens to lj, I’m adding the excerpts here as well. Sorry that this is four in one post but I thought it would be easier to have all in one place to catch up. If I did already have these here and didn’t tag them properly, I apologize for the repeat and scroll down to “EXCERPT FOUR” which is newly released today.

Since this book is still being written, nothing is edited properly.

This is the summary for Dead Rain, by the way, which is an LGBT fantasy book I started for NaNo in 2012/2013:

Magic can change a person, twisting them into something they weren’t before. Some kill for this, some try to slow it down, but there is no cure. Not one that’s known, anyway.

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Ais’ Terrible Art: Stonework

And now we’re up to date with the latest Ais’ Terrible Art, that I’m crossposting today to tumblr.

This is actually unrelated to ICoS. I bought a program and wanted to test it out by doing a shorter drawing. I decided to try doing an art piece inspired by something I wrote in writing group on April 2, 2012. We were given a randomly generated word and had to write something in 7 minutes based on it. I got the word ‘stonework.’

Here is the video of me drawing it:

This is what I wrote:


And here is the final product on its own:


Ais’ Terrible Art: dump post, 2

Continuing the Ais’ Terrible Art dump posts…

May 19, 2014: Happy Anniversary

I decided to try a different program for recording my screen. It turned out to not work AT ALL. I did get it to record but it’s super jacked up. The video is first, and beneath it is the final product.

I was inspired by giuliabo1’s art prompt of Boyd making Hsin a birthday cake. I ended up doing something a little different so it was easier.



Ais’ Terrible Art: dump post, 1

I got super lazy the last couple of months and wasn’t crossposting over here when I posted Ais’ Terrible Art. I’m sorry 😦 😦

Recently, I’ve been trying to record when I draw on Paint, and making them into speed videos for fun. Below is a dump post of the Terrible Art I did since my last post in March.

May 9, 2014: funfire

I accidentally typed ‘funfire’ instead of ‘gunfire’ while editing Evenfall for Director’s Cut Volume I, and I was amused/inspired by that. This is what I drew below:



May 10, 2014: How to Make a Terrible Art Comic

The first attempt I got to work for making a video, although it has its problems.

….DAMN THING. I just discovered that it doesn’t let me do multiple youtube videos in one post. I’m sorry, I’m going to have to do multiple posts at once to get up to date 😦