WRITING: ICoS spin-off: Tayla/Liani excerpt

At tumblr, I received an anonymous ask about Tayla and Liani. I ended up including an excerpt of a draft of one version of how Tayla and Liani might have met. Because of that, I thought I’d put it over here too. As I say below, all of this might change! See the tumblr post below.


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Hi! 😀 For some reason it always makes me happy when anyone asks about Tayla or Liani. I guess because I like them even though they aren’t in the series very much. So, thank you! ❤

I’m actually planning to write a book or series of oneshots or something that spans important parts of their lives together.

I wrote one version of the first time they met for a short story I was going to submit for an anthology, but I ended up not sharing it because I have to do a lot more research to make sure I don’t have anything out of place for either of them. At first I was just going to summarize for you what that was about but then I decided, what the hell! May as well show you the very beginning of it.

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WRITING: Evenfall Revisions: Excerpt


Click the above picture to make it full-size. This comes from a post from Sonny on his tumblr blog in February. Find the original post here.

This is the information Sonny added as a note:

For ICoS readers and interested parties, this is an example of the kind of editing we have been doing to trim the fat and cut down that insane word count. We’ve cut a few scenes and a rare chapter, but rest assured we have not gotten rid of anything that was necessary for the plot or development of the characters.

The above is part of an edit from one of my “quadrants”. We split the first book into 4 parts and are each tackling a chunk. For this quad, the original word count was nearly 170K. And that is only for the last 1/4 of the book! My target wordcount is 75K. So far I’m up to 138K and I haven’t even gotten to Boyd’s trip to the Fourth.

Note: Still hasn’t been checked by Ais or a proofer. It’s all raw edits.