Music: MikelWJ, Help Me

I was wandering around youtube when I ran across this teenager MikelWJ. He has a number of songs, and what I really like about them is they have good messages. (The ones I’ve seen so far) Then I saw this video, and it made me think of ICoS. The exact situation he mentions doesn’t track but I feel like the feeling of the video definitely does.

Some lyrics I highlighted are behind a cut for anyone who hasn’t read through the birthday chapter in Evenfall. You’ll know what chapter I mean if you’ve read it.

Either way, if you want to find more of his music, go to or search MIKELWJ at youtube, itunes, or pretty much anywhere. Incidentally, it seems that most if not all of his music is free for download.

One part in particular made me think of early!Boyd, especially pre-Evenfall and early Evenfall:

survivor’s syndrome, that’s what these people label it
says I shouldn’t have lived when my friend couldn’t handle it
with that on my mind I still try to act casual
but all these fucked up thoughts make me an animal
it isn’t practical for me to feel valuable
in fact, that’s the only thought of mine that’s rational
and I’ve been used like hell, that’s how I got here

I can’t find actual lyrics so I typed that out based on what it sounds to me that he’s saying. If anyone finds official lyrics anywhere, I’d love a link! (The last line makes me think of Hsin a lot, actually, maybe more than Boyd)

I feel like the song works in a way to represent Boyd and Hsin in that by the time they meet they might not realize it themselves but both of them fit the end of the song:

Help me
Someone screaming help me
Someone screaming help me
Someone screaming help me
Please help me

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