ATA: Bionic Boyd

Did I post this one already? If not, I’m posting it now because I need to reference it for a joke on tumblr. Click on it to go fullscreen.

Behind a cut for MAJOR FADE SPOILER

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ATA: Boyd’s (Bad) Advice #4: Seducing your lover







I kept having problems with the really long pictures I used to do not showing up properly so I split this one into 3 pages. Hopefully that helps.

Study Date Boyd should probably stop trying to get Hot Mess and Forever Emo to ever do anything, tbh…

PS: Help me decide–I still need names! Right now it’s:

  • Study Date Boyd
  • Hot Mess Boyd (or Undercovers Boyd or Under Covers Boyd)
  • Forever Emo Boyd (or Kill Me Now Boyd, Suicide Alley Boyd, Mo’ Emo Boyd, or…??)
  • NO IDEA on our Fade friend. I just call him Srsface for now but he needs a legit name. I’m also trying to decide if I should have the black line show or not on him, because that’s technically a spoiler for people who aren’t through the series. That’s why one page he has it and the other he doesn’t… I wanted to see which looked better. Thoughts?

WIP Files: 10/26/14, ART: “Loss” – Vivienne

I’ve been useless again this weekend as far as getting anything done in writing. I was watching a video (Girl by the Ocean by ThePortraitArt on youtube) and stopped at 0:38 when I had inspiration. I wanted to draw Vivienne looking at a candle lit in Cedrick’s memory, with the darkness pooling in around her. I didn’t want to lose the idea so I did a lot of things wrong–used the wrong kind of paper, didn’t realize at first that the pencils I had were watercolor, had very limited color options so I accidentally made her skin too close to the color of her hair, made her lips bleed out, couldn’t decide on an angle for the table so I let it just disappear, plus her proportions are all wonky– but that’s what WIP Files are for, right? Not care about all the things wrong and just DO something.

So, here’s Vivienne, mourning her loss. The songs that were in my head while drawing it were Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift, and Castle Walls by Christina Aguilera.

wip 102614 loss ais