Q&A: Boyd and fighting, post-Fade

After Fade/ICoS finished, some readers had questions about Boyd and how well he could fight following the series. I thought I had already done a post on this but in retrospect, I don’t think I did; I think I just answered people here and there on the topic.

The specific question and the answer are both behind a cut below due to a major spoiler for Fade.

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WRITING: Update: ICoS Anthology

There are 7 short stories that will be in the anthology. The current progress is:

  1. Done but probably will need major revisions
  2. ~30% done
  3. Done
  4. Done
  5. Done
  6. ~30% done
  7. Not started

Progress is a little slow due to conflicting schedules and lack of energy/inspiration. But we’re on our way. No date for when we expect it to be finished.

For a small sneak peek: the anthology is tentatively titled 1/27. It shows a glimpse into the different characters’ lives all on the same day: January 27, 2027. We are currently planning to release it all at once when it’s done.

It’s no longer holiday themed because, to be honest, it wasn’t really holiday themed even from the start. We seem to both be incapable of writing anything solely fluffy in the ICoS universe.