Solitaire Unraveling – an old HP fic snippet

I know this is very random but in trying to find an old writing to answer a tumblr post, I ran across this fic which I’d planned to be an epic Remus-centric Harry Potter fanfic. I started writing it on Thursday June 29, 2006, but never got beyond the first 9 pages.

It’s kind of awkwardly worded and I ended up stopping and starting over because I wasn’t sure if James and Sirius should have known of each other beforehand or how the Potters and Blacks should have viewed each other, and maybe some parts were too cheesy, etc. I never finished it. But rereading it now, idk. It was kind of fun to read so I decided to share it here just because. All of what you see below is straight from that 2006 document, almost entirely untouched/unedited since then.

Obviously, Harry Potter and all its characters are owned by JK Rowling and whatever other companies own rights.


Solitaire Unraveling


6/29/06 – Thursday

Remus love forever.

S/R love for just as long.

Title from the Mushroomhead song.

Solitaire Unraveling was going to be the title of a collab fic in another fandom years ago, but it never got off the ground. When thinking of this story, I really wanted to examine Remus’ difficulties in letting people in, and, even more so, letting them go once he had accepted them. I wanted to explore how hard it is to trust, and how he had kept himself apart, and how that changed with the Marauders. The song title popped into my head quite suddenly at that point, so I went with it.

But when I looked up the lyrics later, I realized they were far more relevant to the story idea than I had remembered. And that’s the story of this fic’s name. Titillating, I know.

Remus J. Lupin felt distinctly awkward at the Platform of Nine-and-Three-Quarters.

The bag he held clutched to his chest was not nearly as nice as ones children around him carried and his single suitcase seemed pathetically inadequate compared to the large amount of trunks he saw being loaded continuously on Hogwarts Express. Kids his age and older swirled around him, nervous and excited and making more noise than Remus had been subjected to since the remote village that tried to sing and dance away his affliction.

But mostly he felt awkward because of his mother.

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Hufflepuff Pride, motherfuckers!

Anonymous asked: Ais. I hear that you’re a harry potter fan. What house are you in?

lol does it show just how much of a nerdy Harry Potter fan I am, that at this question I thought to myself, “Well, I can’t sort myself on this. Only the Sorting Hat can do that. And of course Gryffindor seems like a cool choice and Ravenclaw seems great for intellect but I bet I’m probably actually Hufflepuff. But I’d better get the official answer on this.”

So I went to pottermore and made an account and went through the sorting and…. I got Hufflepuff.

Which, ngl, my first reaction was, “Man! LAME. How’d I get the lamest house?? I knew I’d get the boring one!” So first I was gonna try taking other HP tests to see if I was sorted somewhere else on random internet quizzes, but I mean. Pottermore is Pottermore. I gotta go with that one. That’s the official answer.

Then I figured maybe I should read about Hufflepuff to make myself feel better about this, and after I read the pottermore wikia article on it I feel much better! I’m okay with being Hufflepuff! I mean, it’s the sort of house people dismiss and overlook but I resonate with what it said about Hufflepuffs and why they are the badger (”Our emblem is the badger, an animal that is often underestimated, because it lives quietly until attacked, but which, when provoked, can fight off animals much larger than itself, including wolves.”) also Hufflepuffs have all these cool pieces of history to it like did you know that the world authority on magical creatures AND the founder of Hogsmeade are both Hufflepuff? Plus, then I saw that John Green is also a Hufflepuff! ESTEEMED COMPANY, MY FRIEND.

And then these two Buzzfeed articles were like YEAH HUFFLEPUFF and now I’m like FUCK YEAH HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE, MAN! I don’t care if I’m in the House that people are dicks about! Me and my people aren’t dicks back, that’s all that matters! You look down on us all you want Hufflehaters! Honey badgers don’t give a shit!

So that’s the story of how I am a really big fucking Harry Potter nerd who also now suddenly has major Hufflepuff pride XD

btw my wand is Larch with a unicorn core, 10 inches, slightly yielding… which sounded cool to me because YES UNICORN (I don’t care that phoenix feather is fancier, although dragon heartstring would’ve been cool– but Remus fucking Lupin has unicorn core wand and that makes it fantastic to me <3) but when I started to read the overview of what all the wand stuff meant and I got to the meaning of the wand length I was like MAN I FEEL INSULTED lol But then I read the meaning of Larch and saw that info about the unicorn core so I’m all good now ❤

…I wonder if you thought I would answer with just the house name XD I bet most normal people would. BUT OH WELL GONNA HUFFLE IT UP OVER HERE AND TRY TO BE UNNECESSARILY HELPFUL OHOHUFFLE <– my new laugh. Not to be confused with my new dance: the OHOHUFFLE SHUFFLE.

I’ll be done now. Don’t mind me. Gonna be chillin in the only common room that hasn’t had an intruder in over 500 years because we’re fucking boss down here.