Misc art: sketches

I’ve been going through my old stuff trying to figure out if there’s anything else ICoS-related to share. We started writing the story within the year after I graduated college so a lot of the very early icos bits are mixed in with folders from college. I used to doodle all the time when writing notes. I found a few that I figured I may as well share. The proportions are off/sometimes there are strange designs, etc, but that’s because I was using a pen so I couldn’t erase anything. Then I ran across miscellaneous other stuff and decided to just post it as a random collection.

This first post is all NON-icos stuff. The next one has the random icos stuff I found.

NOTE: I put all the notes ABOVE the pictures. Don’t get confused by that…

Both of these are from sometime earlier than March 2005 but I don’t know if that’s by days, months, or years:

“jester boy;” I always kind of liked the personality I imagined he’d have:


This one was simply named “girl”– mostly I like her expression and pose even if she’s disproportionate:


Also apparently for some reason, at one point I must have made a joke about a somnambulist vampire and decided to draw a chibi of one wearing train pajama footie pants:

somnambulist vamp

And along those lines, a joke about a rapport raptor?


I like to imagine the two of them teaming up.

This guy below was some random dude I drew in vyew in The Slash Pile’s chatroom. I gave up on him after a bit and someone drew a green phallus in his hands lol


This is just some dude I drew in harmony or damuro (I forget which site/program). I don’t know his story except I think  he’s an assassin or some sort of fighter, and he was shot in the lower right stomach.


My roommate and I found a stray cat in the parking lot one day. We brought him inside and fed him, took care of him. My roommate named him Billy. She loved that cat. Unfortunately, our other roommate was very allergic to cats and we already had one cat living in the apartment, so it was too much for her and we had to bring him in to be rescued. I drew the below sketch of him in 5 minutes apparently sometime in the days he lived with us.


Below is something I wrote/sketched in one of my sketchbooks:

dark silence

This is simply named “silent blue”:

silent blue

In college, there were 6 of us who were really good friends. We also were almost all anime obsessed. We jokingly ascribed a character from various anime to each of us, and then sometimes called each other by the name. Below were chibis I drew representing each of the characters for each of us as friends and also joking about our personalities/the way we interacted. I was Omi 😉

anime_us_1edit anime_us_2edit

characters as they appear: 
Shampoo from Ranma 1/2, Ran “Aya” Fujimiya from Weiß Kreuz, Utena Tenjou from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Omi Tsukiyono from Weiß Kreuz, Juri Arisugawa from Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Luna from Sailor Moon.

Below is a scanned image from one of my college textbooks– I think it was psychology, actually. It was probably trying to point out the proper way to look at statistics and deal with the mean, median, and mode, but it’s freaking hilarious.


First: note the dudes inexplicably sitting on each others’ shoulders. Second, note the blue note to the left: “The average adult has one ovary and one testicle”



LASTLY, my favorite piece of art I’ve done recently was done for one of The Slash Pile’s anthologies. The full picture is too big to show properly here so I’ll have to do a link, but below is a preview:


The link has the explanation too:

http://mikaaislin.deviantart.com/art/Ascendant-328201730  The piece is called Ascendant.

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