ATA: ICoS quote for inspiration



I love art supplies but rarely do anything with them. I was rereading ICoS making notes for future editing and in Fade, a quote stood out to me. I’ve been feeling emo and I thought I could try to use it as inspiration.

I’ve had an oval piece of paper for years that I kept aside for the day I might finally have a purpose for it, and last Sunday I realized this was it. I used oil pastel crayons for the words and then used watercolor to wash over it. I taped it over a big art piece that happens to have the same coloring, because it’s the only space I have above my computer.

If you can’t read it, this is the quote:

“But that was the way it went anytime a person was on the precipice of change. The fear of the future mixed with the loss of the past. At those times, all a person could do was step forward.”

ATA: Boyd’s (Bad) Advice (#1?)

More Ais’ Terrible Art! This was inspired because I was catching up on youtube subscriptions and this video got me thinking about how it would be funny to have an advice column featuring the different stages of Boyd in ICoS.

Here you go! I named it #1? because I don’t know if I’ll do more. If you want to give me fake (or real) questions for advice to keep in a prompt list for future Boyd’s (Bad) Advice comics, let me know! This one I got from searching for advice column questions lolz


WIP Files: 2/20/14, Project Fierce attempt #4


WIP Files, 2/20/14. I really want to write something for Project Fierce but I am having SO many problems. I have tried starting three different stories and I don’t like any of them, and can’t stay inspired enough to continue.

I thought if I pulled out my whiteboard maybe I could brainstorm some ideas on a new story entirely. Maybe I could finish in time still before the deadline (2/28)… but when I brought out the marker, I got the idea for this picture and drew this instead. I kind of know what I’m trying this time around but I honestly don’t know if it will work out. I really want to support this but I don’t know if I will be able to write something decent for the given prompts, no matter how much I keep trying. Basically, lately, if it isn’t ICoS or magic, I just can’t write it.

Anyway, I’m posting this as my WIP File of the day because I’m really hoping I can force myself to finish this time around.

PS: the lighting was such that it got the shadow of my hands taking the picture at the bottom which I thought was kind of funny, because I always lift my pinky finger like I’m in Victorian England drinking a cuppa and I don’t know why lol

WIP Files: Sims, 2/10/14


WIP FIles: 2/10/14, the Carter brothers.

You may be wondering why I’m putting Sims in with my WIP Files, but I keep making Sims of the families of the characters so it’s been a lot of fun, and it helps me keep in mind their back stories which is of use in the post Fade anthology in some cases. Also, it’s fun to make Sims and entertaining to watch their shenanigans.

I made Cade Carter and his brothers. I can already tell these guys are going to be my favorite to play.

I added a lot of text in the above pic so I recommend clicking on it to fully enlarge it for best viewing.