ICoS AU HS drabble: Scene 4 – The Vega Conference

Lexington High School, Scene 4. The Vega Conference.

Two years of being Hsin’s guidance counselor, and Zachary had never met his father. He’d started to think that perhaps Hsin didn’t have a father. That this tall, skinny, emotionally disturbed teenager lived on his own and just faked a really believable West coast accent when someone called for an IEP phone conference or whatever.

But that was not the case. And Emilio Vega wasn’t what he’d expected.

Clearly under 30 years old, obviously some kind of gang member, most definitely as high as his son tended to be, and ridiculously hot. Tattoos everywhere, gold shutter sunglasses, skintight black t-shirt…

Zachary decided it would be best to just stare at the wall for the entirety of the meeting. Maybe Boyd was onto something with that technique.

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ICoS AU HS drabble: Scene 7- The Hero

Lexington High joke fics — Scene 7: the hero

Hsin was so impressed with his own restraint when it came to not allowing Douchebag Trovosky to be killed, that he had expected to be immediately commended by his peers.

When that didn’t happen he cut the whole next day, and stayed in his room smoking loosies and wondering when someone would give him a pat on the back for doing the right thing. Probably never. Being a hero was completely overrated. It occurred to him that he should have waited until the last possible moment to intervene on the plot. He could have swooped in to stop the likely inept-assassins, but only after letting Trovosky get roughed up a little. Boyd would have seen the whole thing, and likely would have reassessed his bullshit pro/con list. Hsin was positive that it was what his father would have done.

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ICoS AU HS drabble: Scene 1 – The Meeting

Lexington High School – Scene 1. The Meeting (for members 100 and 101)

They’d been sitting in the guidance office silently for ten minutes. Zachary checked the clock again, noting that they were already eight minutes overdue. Boyd had been staring blankly at the wall the entire time, completely unmoving. Zachary almost wanted to wait longer before making a call; just to see how long it would be before the kid spoke. He was certainly one of the weirder ones on Zachary’s caseload. Blond, pale and all in black, Boyd was definitely going for some kind of emo, vampire… thing. That in itself was not so weird. The silence and tendency to stare blankly at walls, though, was a little odd.

Zachary had shifted back in his chair and started to grab the phone when Boyd commented tonelessly:

“I told you they wouldn’t come.”

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ICoS AU High School fanfics by Santino & Ais

Back in 2013, Santino and I wrote some ridiculous AU high school ICoS drabbles as a joke. We did it to celebrate as we got more members at our Santino & Ais Goodreads group, by writing a new drabble each time we reached a predesignated mark. The fics have been living over there all this time but I was recently asked if they could be accessible anywhere else. And, just in case anything ever happens to Goodreads, I’d hate to lose these ridiculous things so I’m posting them here.

I linked them in order below. I’ve also included Santino’s original warning about these fics because seriously, I know I’ve said it twice already but it’s true: they’re ridiculous. We made fun of the characters by way over-emphasizing/dramatizing their personality traits or other aspects of them.

Oh, and if you couldn’t tell, we changed peoples’ ages respective to each other so everyone could be in the same high school, as students, teachers, or parents of students. So Boyd and Hsin are pretty much the same age in this.

THIS IS NOT CANON BTW. That should be obvious but I need to emphasize that. But it is pretty funny…. I’d forgotten how funny it was until rereading them all for posting here.

Original note from Santino below:


These are seriously what Marleen said they were… basically AU fanfics of our book. Written by us because we’re absurd. They’re not super edited or crafted to be wonderful pieces of literary art.

If anyone else would want to pick up and write some of their own for fun, feel free, btw.

We have 7 planned scenes in this AU high school thing. All of them are short and deliberately OTT. Basically, we’re poking fun at our characters a bit. ”


For some obnoxious and bizarre reason, even though I published/posted the parts in order, it put them out of order when you scroll down my blog. So the links above are what you can use to find them in order or by clicking the link to the next part placed at the bottom of each scene.

Writing: Sex (and other) scene tips

This is from tumblr… since I wrote so much I thought I should post it here. Also in case anyone finds this useful.


lol I have no idea… I didn’t realize those scenes were seen as well-written ones until we started getting feedback from readers that they thought they were really good. I guess for me, personally, I don’t differentiate between topics; to me, a sex scene is dealt with exactly the same way as any other scene in the way it’s approached. I’m not sure if that’s a common thought process but it seems sometimes when I read books that authors have some difference in their mind between them which I think affects the writing of it, and thus the reading of it.

I don’t know if it helps but I wrote (as always, a lot) about the sort of stuff I usually do/think about. I also included some excerpts from ICoS (DC Evenfall volumes I and II) at the end to try to illustrate a little better what I was talking about in comparison.

I suppose the tl;dr answer would be that I personally treat all scenes the same in terms of wanting it to be meaningful to the overall story, but I do write normal scenes differently than emotionally-charged scenes (including sex scenes) by trying to make the reader feel more like they’re actually there in emotionally-charged scenes, experiencing it too, so they understand why these scenes might affect the character so much.

Anyway, these are my thoughts/tips from my perspective as a writer (and also a reader) in no particular order:

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