WIP Files: 1/19 and 1/20/14

I swear I posted my update yesterday, but somehow I didn’t see it when I went to post today. So I’ll just do both at once I guess.



And post-Fade anthology teaser, which I am linking instead of posting for spoilers.






WIP Files: ART, ICoS. I have a silly idea for an ICoS comic. To draw it, I need them to have actual little bodies and not just be stick figures. This is my first try to see about this style.

That’s Boyd. He’s wearing a shirt that says “I ❤ D” and his shorts have an arrow pointed to his groin. It will all make sense when the final comic is done, I swear XD It’s another comic that will be a total joke. (He’s walking down a runway in this scene hence his model hair and bitchy walk pose)

Also, the lower picture is a progression of my drawing the little Boyd, because I was trying a new style entirely and it’s in Paint where you can’t put things on different layers. So I just copy/pasted as I went in case I needed to start over or reference previous parts.


WIP Files: ART, ICoS, Boyd and the balloon, 1/15/14

WIP Files, 1/15/14. Just in time! Anyway I was in chat and realized I didn’t have a WIP Files update for today and asked for a prompt for a one panel art thing. Kenya suggested Boyd sucking on a balloon dick while Hsin is out of town and this is what I ended up with. Sorry it isn’t entertaining and probably, if anything, is disturbing lol I forgot to try drawing it in a new style…

WIP Files: ART, ICoS, Hsin, 1/14/14


For my WIP Files… I got it in before the new day woohoo! Anyway I want to work on some new styles of art. I got a funny idea for a Hsin comic but rather than drawing the whole thing in the old style I want to try some different styles first to see what I like.

btw I was too lazy to pull out the bamboo tablet so I just drew this with my mouse, hence the particularly unsteady lines.

Misc art: sketches

I’ve been going through my old stuff trying to figure out if there’s anything else ICoS-related to share. We started writing the story within the year after I graduated college so a lot of the very early icos bits are mixed in with folders from college. I used to doodle all the time when writing notes. I found a few that I figured I may as well share. The proportions are off/sometimes there are strange designs, etc, but that’s because I was using a pen so I couldn’t erase anything. Then I ran across miscellaneous other stuff and decided to just post it as a random collection.

This first post is all NON-icos stuff. The next one has the random icos stuff I found.

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Art: Boyd sketches

over the years, I made sketches of Boyd for reference. The following drawings 1) aren’t very talented, 2) were meant to be a general idea for myself and Sonny, and 3) are semi-canon, in that they were ways of referencing canon things for myself BUT doesn’t mean anything had to look exactly the way I drew it. The fonts may be different on things, the exact positioning of this or that may change, and if people had a different view of him in their mind, then they aren’t wrong, either.

Below the cut contains spoilers through Fade chapter 7.

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