NaNo 2014: Julian Files, Excerpt 3 || NaNo Day 10: 33,230 words

More Julian Files! I had planned, briefly, to post the chapters as I wrote them. And then I realized that would be bad for my mental health and creativity for writing this, so I decided not to do that and to stick with random snippets. I’m sorry šŸ˜¦ I have this terrible tendency to think something is brilliant late at night, and then the next morning go, “Oh, but then reality.”

Anyway, did you notice the word count?? WTF. I’m bizarrely ahead of schedule–I’ve never been this fast at writing a story in NaNo, ever. But honestly, this has been so much fun to write. So far I have POVs for Julian, Cedrick and baby Boyd, and I don’t know yet but it’s possible Viv will even get a go. (If she doesn’t it’s only because I will be writing Domino which is all Viv, all the time). It’s unedited (of course) so expect terrible wording and typos– and there are some details I still need to fact-check to make sure the timing is right–but I don’t even care! I’m sharing it anyway! ohoho!

My goal this NaNo is to actually finish the book in this month–which is likely to be much higher than 50,000 words–and not just stop at 50k because that’s the goal NaNo set.

Ok, ok, all disclaimersĀ aside, let me just say that I chose the below excerpt because it’s just, very… It’s very Cedrick. It’s why I love him, whether or not anyone else ever will, same as I love Vivienne whether or not anyone else ever does. It’s been really fun writing him, and yet it also underscores to me how different life would have been for Boyd and Vivienne both if the past had been different.

Ok excerpt now!

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NaNo 2014: Julian Files, excerpt 2 || NaNo Day 2: 10,399 words

Another Julian Files excerpt. As I mentioned yesterday, I might stop these excerpts if I decide to post the whole thing as a book, or even if it just seems like no one is interested and it’s taking up unnecessary space. Whatever works! We’ll see!

By the way, as this is NaNo, the below excerpt is unedited–as will be any NaNo excerpts I do.

Anyway–look! This time you get Cedrick POV with baby Boyd cameo.



The receptionist looked ready to deny him entry beyond the front area at first, but then she gave Cedrick a second, more searching stare. At first he was too harried to understand why, until he realized why she looked so familiar to him.

Cara Jorgenson, sister of Timothy Jorgenson. Almost five years ago, when they were both teenagers, Timothy had been murdered in their house when Cara had left to find food rations. It hadn’t been long after the bombs, which had claimed their parents’ lives. Cara had been left suddenly alone, with no one to help her, and no one to find her brother’s killer. She’d been desperate when there had been almost no investigation, and had finally resorted to calling the local news media to see if anyone would pick up the story, maybe put pressure on the police department. Cedrick had been the only one who had listened, and while he hadn’t been able to do much through his job, he’d exhausted his resources trying to find someone who could.

It was how he’d first met Julian, the only private investigator who had given a damn about the story. With Julian’s help, and Julian’s contacts in Lexington PD to the decent cops left on the roster, they’d eventually found out who had done it–but there had never been a trial, because the perpetrator had been killed on the streets not long after the murder. He’d been mugged for the cash he’d stolen from the house.

When Julian and Cedrick had stopped by her house to tell her that, she had been drawn and hollow-eyed, and with bloodless lips she’d said maybe there was justice in the world after all.

“Cara,” he said in surprise. “I didn’t know you worked here now. How are you doing?”

Maybe it was the genuine concern infused in the last question, or maybe it was simply that she appreciated being remembered four and a half years later, but she smiled widely. “I’m… Well, I’m okay. Some days are better than others. I still expect him to walk through the door, but I think over time that will fade.” She leaned forward to peer over the counter. “Oh my God. Is that your little one?”

Cedrick grinned proudly. He nodded and grabbed Boyd from under the armpits so he could hoist him up for official presentation. Simba-style. “This is Boyd. Tell Cara hi, Boyd.”

Boyd obediently stuck his hand out, which Cara took in slight confusion. He shook her hand while saying politely, “It’s nice to meet you, Cara. I’m Boyd. I’m five.” He splayed out all the fingers of his free hand, as if she needed help visualizing such a large number.

Despite the fact that he was being held up like a cat slowly falling out of his dad’s grip, he managed to sound dignified and solemn. Cara did a double take and then burst out laughing. Her cheeks flushed, and she grinned even larger than Cedrick had. She stood up so she could lean at a better angle over the desk.

“It’s very nice to meet you too, Boyd. Should we have your dad put you down?”

“He won’t drop me. He’s very strong. My dad could probably lift a car.”

“Oh really?” Cara’s eyes sparkled as she looked up just in time for Cedrick to smirk. “Is your dad a superhero?”

“Hmm.” Boyd considered that with all the solemnity of a five-year-old with his little train underwear peeking out from his pants while his shirt rode up past his belly button. “He’s not Batman, but he can be close.”

Cara laughed again.

“Gee, thanks, son,” Cedrick muttered, but he couldn’t hide the amusement in his voice.

He set Boyd down carefully, and then tightly grabbed his hand again. He knew Boyd wouldn’t wander off without him but he was always strangely afraid of Boyd disappearing in a crowd. The thought of losing his son was so unbearable that even just imagining it constricted his lungs and set his mind abuzz.

“So, what are you doing here?” Cara asked, eyebrows furrowing. “Are you visiting someone?”

“Actually, yes. An old woman should have been brought in almost an hour ago. We wanted to check her status.”

“Hmm.” Cara dropped back down into her chair and swiveled it back to face the computers. “What’s the name?”

Cedrick hesitated. “I… have no idea.”

Cara gave him a strange look, and Cedrick felt oddly abashed.

Fiji journal entry, aka Fun with languages

I was reminded of my time in Fiji so I decided to pull out one of the journals I wrote when I was there. Below is an entry I wrote. Yes, I wrote it like that including the emoticon lol I apparently write like I’m writing a story online even when writing in a journal.

Thursday December 2, 2004; 8:54 pm

Natasha invited several people over for food. Sherin and her daughters Zarin and… someone ^^;… and Aziz’s sis and kid, I think, and, hell, not sure who these people are. Anyway, Zarin, Natasha and I were in the kitchen. Before that, actually, everyone all night has been chattering rapidly mostly in Hindi. I find it makes a nice background noise and don’t really pay attention a lot. I heard Tash say something to someone– it had mangtaa in it (want) so I jokingly said:

“Ek million dollar mangtaa~?” (Do you want a million dollars?)

Sherin said my accent is just like theirs. I told her I thought I had a crappy one–then told Tash she’d been teasing me about it too much.

And she’s like, “Of course. I take credit. I must be a really good teacher.”

A while after that, Zarin, Tash and I were in the kitchen. I was putting away my water pump and Zarin was getting more rice pudding Tash had made for the occasion. She said something in Hindi that I didn’t understand so I didn’t pay attention. Tash paused, then turned to Zarin and repeated, but suddenly I understood it:

“Gee, I made something good?” Tash said, and before Zarin could answer I blinked and said, surprised:

“Oh! That was English!”

Zarin, in the middle of taking a bite of rice pudding, started laughing, crumpling in on herself in the classical I’m Too Amused To Stand Straight position.

“You said it with a Hindi accent… I just thought it was Hindi and was thinking how I didn’t understand it and then I realized it was English…” I continued, bemused.

“Boy, these Americans,” Tash commiserated to Zarin. “After 8 their mind just goes.” She waved her fingers helpfully around her temples.

“Hey!” I said, laughing. “I’m the one speaking English with a Hindi accent.”

Zarin started laughing more, pacing around the kitchen in amusement while I switched to mocking the Hindi accent.

“Whaaat language are you SPEAKINGG, hai?” I teased Natasha. We were all laughing by now and I started toward my room. “IIII like English hai!” And right before I opened my door I did our classic, “konchii bole?” line.

I heard Tash laughing harder, while the other visitors in the living room started saying to each other “konchii bole!” as if wondering if they’d heard me right. It was amusing.

Konchii bole = what are you saying? At least, I think it means that. lol.

[[The entry went into an update on the status of the paper I was writing and went into other topics but I saw this one part below and thought it was also kind of funny so I’m including it as well]]

PS: I killed my first cockroach today. He was under my eye care solution and I had my glasses and contacts off so I couldn’t see him and it was freaky and then he ran for S’s door so I had to stop him. I squished him so bad his insides oozed out but he still kept trying to run and twitching and I threw a shoe on him and waited for Natasha to end it.

She came over and went, “Wow!”

“What?” I asked, paranoid.

“There’s almost nothing left of him. If this was CSI I’d walk in and say– Impossible! Unsolvable! Not enough evidence! Half his body is gone!”

Dead Rain excerpts

Somehow, I had never done any Dead Rain excerpts here?? Is that right? I was looking for them just now and could only find them on my livejournal.

In case anything ever happens to lj, I’m adding the excerpts here as well. Sorry that this is four in one post but I thought it would be easier to have all in one place to catch up. If I did already have these here and didn’t tag them properly, I apologize for the repeat and scroll down to “EXCERPT FOUR” which is newly released today.

Since this book is still being written, nothing is edited properly.

This is the summary for Dead Rain, by the way, which is an LGBT fantasy book I started for NaNo in 2012/2013:

Magic can change a person, twisting them into something they weren’t before. Some kill for this, some try to slow it down, but there is no cure. Not one that’s known, anyway.

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