WIP Files: 2/20/14, Project Fierce attempt #4


WIP Files, 2/20/14. I really want to write something for Project Fierce but I am having SO many problems. I have tried starting three different stories and I don’t like any of them, and can’t stay inspired enough to continue.

I thought if I pulled out my whiteboard maybe I could brainstorm some ideas on a new story entirely. Maybe I could finish in time still before the deadline (2/28)… but when I brought out the marker, I got the idea for this picture and drew this instead. I kind of know what I’m trying this time around but I honestly don’t know if it will work out. I really want to support this but I don’t know if I will be able to write something decent for the given prompts, no matter how much I keep trying. Basically, lately, if it isn’t ICoS or magic, I just can’t write it.

Anyway, I’m posting this as my WIP File of the day because I’m really hoping I can force myself to finish this time around.

PS: the lighting was such that it got the shadow of my hands taking the picture at the bottom which I thought was kind of funny, because I always lift my pinky finger like I’m in Victorian England drinking a cuppa and I don’t know why lol

WIP Files: Sims, 2/10/14


WIP FIles: 2/10/14, the Carter brothers.

You may be wondering why I’m putting Sims in with my WIP Files, but I keep making Sims of the families of the characters so it’s been a lot of fun, and it helps me keep in mind their back stories which is of use in the post Fade anthology in some cases. Also, it’s fun to make Sims and entertaining to watch their shenanigans.

I made Cade Carter and his brothers. I can already tell these guys are going to be my favorite to play.

I added a lot of text in the above pic so I recommend clicking on it to fully enlarge it for best viewing.

WIP Files: Writing and Sims, 2/9/14

wip02xx14Sims wip020914


WIP FIles: 2/9/14, and assorted days.

I have been slowly populating Agencytown (what I will rename this neighborhood once I figure out where I can do that) with ICoS characters. So far I have Jeffrey and his sister Erica, Owen and his sister Keelin and their brothers Innis and Mannix, and Tayla and Liani. I probably should’ve done their siblings too, come to think of it, but I forgot about that when I was making them. Also somehow Liani’s face came out rounder with larger cheeks than I thought I’d done but whatever, I give up. Close enough. No one ever looks totally right when I make Sims.

By the way, that screenshot of the house was supposed to show how frickin ridiculous the Styles home is. It’s 4 levels and 6 bedrooms just for Erica and Jeffrey. Because when you’re rich, why not waste space? And despite having the biggest home with pretty much everything you could want inside, they are so far the only Sims I’ve seen who keep leaving and visiting the community park so they can schmooze it up with people and, inexplicably, practice golf. Apparently the Sim!Styles are big on the game lol

This morning I was writing in Dead Rain (see screenshot) when I decided I wanted to make Sims of the three main characters in that series, too. I put them in Agencytown even though they are completely unrelated but OH WELL LOLZ. They aren’t perfect but it’s good enough for now. I might be changing Era’s look entirely, but that was why I wanted Sims of them; to see how they looked visually. So anyway now you can see Era, Shine, and Oz.

WIP Files: ART, unrelated, 1/25/14


WIP Files 1/25/14. I didn’t do anything the last few days so I thought I should do something today. I thought it would be fun to record a drawing as I did it. Unfortunately I apparently didn’t know how to use the program because for some reason it only recorded the toolbar of Paint lolzzz.

Anyway I make no excuses for why she’s all screwed up proportionately and lopsided other than because, as I keep saying, I really just can’t draw very well lol

This whole thing was done from beginning to end in Paint. She isn’t anyone in particular, I just started randomly drawing whatever came to mind to try out the recording software. I’m really sad it didn’t record 😦 Oh this took idk. About an hour. Mostly it was hard trying to do shading in Paint without harsh lines. I didn’t really succeed in the shading but oh well. By that time I was just having fun with colors.

Next for WIP Files: I need to get some damn writing done this weekend! If I can be on top of it mayhaps I’ll even finish the Project Fierce thing. I hope.