some TV show thoughts

This post is mostly for me to remember but also in case anyone else has thought of watching these or has watched and is curious about other people’s thoughts. I currently have a hulu trial subscription so I’m trying to watch a number of shows on there that aren’t elsewhere. Also, recently I was trying out new stuff on Netflix.

Here are some thoughts on some of the shows I’ve started watching or fully seen recently, in no particular order. btw, I’m pretty blunt in my hatred of one particular character in one of the shows I mention. As I say at the end of the post, if I don’t love something you love, my feelings on the matter shouldn’t affect your own. We all react to things in different ways for different reasons. Some things I adore are the same things other people hate or dismiss. It’s all about perspective and subjectivity, and that variation in feelings and thoughts is awesome imo because it makes the world a more diverse place 🙂 I just wanted to get my thoughts down on these after finishing them because I’ve found my memory sucks on this sort of stuff, and if I do write down my thoughts it helps me later if I pick the show back up or try to remember if I did or didn’t like something.


Midnight, Texas – Honestly, I was surprised by how much I liked the pilot episode. I really wanted to binge the whole series but unfortunately this is the sort of thing I have to actually wait a week at a time uggghhhh so terrible much pain wow

But seriously, I liked it a lot. I enjoy there’s a Wiccan on there (as a former Wiccan, it always makes me happy to see someone represent, although we’ll see if they stick to the truth of Wicca instead of bastardizing it like EVERYONE does on shows). I liked the music, the characters, the story was really intriguingly done in that it drew me in from the start and made me curious for more, also it has pretty nice visuals. In particular, I love the dead people ngl.

I didn’t know until the end credits that the series was based on a book series by Charlaine Harris, at which point I realized this must be the next True Blood, of sorts. Having never watched nor read True Blood/its series, I don’t know anything about how Midnight compares to it. I saw someone online say Midnight is like a weaker clone of True Blood. No idea. All I know is I never got into True Blood, wasn’t interested in the bit of an episode I saw here or there, nor did I like what I saw briefly of the books, but I loved Midnight, Texas. Actually, I was so wanting to binge it I got obsessed with the idea of reading the first book to know what happens next, and tried going to the library 2 hours too early to do so. Thankfully, Amazon has a preview read option so I did try out the first chapter. Perhaps surprisingly or perhaps not, given how I felt about the actual books behind Dexter and True Blood, I actually wasn’t into the book. Shocking, I know, since usually the books are way better than the visual form. But the writing style was eh. I mean, I’m sure it’s wonderful for people in the mood for that kind of writing but I wasn’t. Also, it starts out differently than the tv show did. I think this is another GOT case where I actually like the TV show more than the books.

Good news/bad news about that was I didn’t feel like reading the books after trying out the start of it and seeing that the things I liked most about the TV show were not in the book, so that means I didn’t spoil myself on what to come in the next episodes, but it also means I have to wait weeks and now I may have to buy a damn hulu subscription ugh

If I had to rate my initial feeling on the pilot, it would be 4/5 stars

Beyond – I watched the whole first season of this (10 eps). It’s…. idk. If I had to rate the whole season, it would be maybe a 3/5 stars, maybe 2.5. Probably 2.5. It has an interesting idea, some of the visuals are cool (although some are cheesy), and at first I liked the characters. But it quickly becomes just another Random Straight White Guy Is The Chosen One type of stories. I don’t want to dismiss it fully based on that because I don’t think that’s fair, but at the same time I do have definite frustration when sci fi type shows continue to have interesting ideas and continue to throw the same sort of archetypes and stereotypes right into the midst of it.

That wasn’t the only thing, though. There were things that annoyed me because they made no sense. Like, if you want to get out of a room why wouldn’t you just break the fucking window instead of trying to MacGuyver some dumbass solution? If you think someone is in danger standing specifically where they’re standing before you do a thing, why not just have them take a few steps back where they’re no longer in a precarious spot? Also, if you’re running around some realm that’s allegedly so dangerous and blahblah, why is everyone always wearing such pristine and impractical clothing, with freshly washed hairs and faces? And so much more. Little shit like that really took away from the story. And the unnecessary need to throw in a million romance subplots, with only one of them actually making any sense (and that one not being the one I’m supposed to root for). Also, for some reason the episodes felt like they moved slowly especially in the beginning. However, some of the characters were pretty cool.

I can’t be too specific about the pros and cons of this series without giving away spoilers. However, I will say it’s the sort of thing that had an interesting idea but unfortunately had subpar execution. Will I watch season 2 if it exists in the future? idk. Probably not, but I might. I am a little curious about what will happen but idk if I want to watch a whole other season. I might try the first ep, see how it goes, and if I’m not into it but I remain curious I may just wait till it’s all out and read the wiki page on it instead.

It isn’t a horrible show, though. If the premise sounds interesting to you, if you watch the pilot and are curious about it, you should give it a go. See if it speaks to you more than it did to me.

Stitchers – just starting this one, don’t know yet what I’ll think



Bordertown – This is a pretty interesting show… I’m not done with it yet. I think I’m on episode 7 or something, of the first season (are there more seasons than one? I don’t think so but am not sure). It’s a pretty intriguing show, I like some of the characters quite a bit, it’s an interesting setting, and it does make me curious what’s going to happen next. I definitely plan to finish this one. If I had to give it a rating of what I’ve seen so far, I’d say idk, 4/5 stars? I don’t know of my ratings are accurate, it’s just what I’m feeling atm while writing this.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – I almost forgot to add this. I’m only a couple of episodes into the second season on this. I’m going to be completely honest; I kind of hated the first season of this. I feel like the writing of this show, the execution of the ideas, is just…. it frustrates me SO MUCH. Especially because the thing is, this show took some of my favorite side characters from other DC shows. Like, dude. I love so many of them! I feel like the only consistently great part of season one is Sara, followed by Snart, and then after that it’s a bit of a shit show. I hated Kendra about 1/3 into it and going forward, and my feelings of seriously wishing she would just fucking die already only increased with time. Disliked Carter only a little less. I honestly feel like the inclusion of those two totally destroyed the entire first season because it was way too focused on their stupid ass back stories with their stupid ass characters and their stupid ass acting. Could the woman stop posing like fucking Megan Fox trying to act sexy even in stupid settings once in a while to actually act out scenes realistically? She had like a single expression in 99.9% of the entire fucking series–pouty lips with twisted up eyebrows, trying to act all whatever even when it made no goddamn sense. omfg. I can’t. I get so frustrated by this. I wish they’d never been involved in the series from the start. If they hadn’t, it might have made the first season about 1000% better.

But part of it has to be the writing, too. Because I actually really liked Kendra and Carter when they were on Arrow and Flash. In fact, I kind of loved Kendra on Flash. I was really excited when I realized they were part of the Legends lineup because I thought that there was no way the show could be anything less than awesome with an entire cast of main characters who I went into it loving. Boy howdy, was I wrong.

So far, season 2 feels a little better to me but I don’t know if it will continue improving or not. I was so frustrated I had to stop watching, hence why I randomly picked up these other shows in the meantime.

Being that I’m an extremely character-driven reader/viewer, it takes a lot to make me hate a series based on a whole cast of characters I love. And it makes me even more frustrated or angry about hating it than I would be if I didn’t like any of the characters to start. Because if I didn’t like any characters, it’s easy for me to say maybe it’s just not for me. But when I LOVE the characters and can excuse a lot of bad storytelling and STILL end up hating a story, I get doubly irritated because it feels so unnecessary for me.

For that reason, if I had to rate season one of Legends, it would be 1/5 stars. I would have given it 0 for pissing me off so much, but Sara remained Sara for the most part and I love Sara, so she’s carrying an entire star all on her own.

However, from what I saw of season 2 so far, idk. I’m definitely willing to bring it up to 2 stars at least for a reason I can’t say without spoilers. Maybe even 2.5, actually. I feel like it’s aimed to be a 3-3.5/5 season by the end of it on what I’ve seen so far, but I don’t want to get my hopes up too high because clearly they’ve been dashed before with this show. I’m hopeful, though.

If you liked Legends, don’t worry about me hating it. Like I said, I am hoping I’ll like future seasons more. And if the things that pissed me off so much didn’t affect you, then I could see someone having a much higher opinion of it than I have. I do think if you like the characters or story concept you should still give it a try. You may like it way the hell more than I did, and if you hated it as much as I did, then at least so far I do have a lot more hope for the second season so you might too. I’m cautiously optimistic on this one.

My favorite DC show continues to be Arrow. I fucking love Arrow. Flash is great too, although season 1-2 Flash was imo way better than season 3. Or was it season 2 that wasn’t as great? Wait. Now I’ve forgotten, I binged that one way too fast. Yeah maybe 2 was the least stellar of the bunch, I can’t remember now. Either way, Flash at its worse is still better than Legends at its best, imo. And Arrow will usually hands down be better than both, imo. Which isn’t to say I don’t love Flash, though. Because I totally love Flash.

I tried Supergirl… the first episode was eh. I did like it/her more than I expected, given how vapid she seemed on all the crossover eps I’d seen of her in the other DC series. So that was a pleasant surprise for sure. It’s just very much a Superhero Show which is fine because that’s what it’s meant to be, but Legends + less than stellar seasons of Flash burned me out on that so I’m not ready to dive into the Supergirl depths yet. I do have hope for it, though. Shockingly, I may end up liking it more than Legends, but we’ll have to see.

Sorry if I’m harsh about a show or character you love. ymmv for sure– my opinions definitely don’t have to affect (and most certainly do not invalidate) your own 🙂

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