Another Incarnations excerpt – Fawkes and Sloane, being goofs

I just released this on tumblr today as well, because I got all inspired by this:

fantasique reblogged your post and added: “fantasy story excerpt (f/f-ish)”

!!!! this seems so good *//* and is it healthy i’m already shipping sloane x fawkes like crazy? bc they sound all the right bells of my fangirlself tbh *runs* and the cover is so pretty too! can’t wait for april ❤

I wrote the below response on tumblr:

Aww! it actually would make me really happy if you do ship them! I like them 🙂 They already sort of have a joking ship name based on their first names, but it’s not really set in stone. They’re basically inseparable and get along super well and sometimes mess with others. I like them both so it would make me happy if anyone else liked them 🙂

You’re getting me excited about the story again! I tried to find another excerpt to share with them and it was a little difficult because so many of their scenes are too contextual or in spoiler country, but I did remember this scene so I’m sharing it! I changed a couple of names in it to Earthling/American equivalents so the specific terms I use aren’t taken.

Anyway in this scene they are joking around.


Context on this scene: So, Fawkes and Sloane are both early 20s when the book starts. There’s this character Vikenti who’s late 40′s and really cranky and sort of a father figure to Sloane but also they’re kind of gruff with each other sometimes. Vikenti and Sloane are basically the cops in this fantasy world, and Fawkes is a friend. In this scene, they’re walking through the equivalent of the police headquarters in the main city. Sloane and Fawkes aren’t supposed to have anything to do with the murder mystery case but Sloane bitched at Vikenti until he grudgingly agreed to let them see the body.

“Where are we going?”

“I told you. The morgue.”

“But isn’t it that way?”

Fawkes trotted beside Vikenti and pointed at a hallway they were passing. It was comical; she started pointing as it came upon them, and kept her finger aimed at it even as they moved, with her arm ending stretched backward.

Vikenti snatched her hand back down to her side.

“Yes. Stop drawing attention to yourself. Gods sake!”

“But isn’t it okay that we’re with you?”


Fawkes tipped her head curiously and moved around to Vikenti’s other side. “There are two answers, depending on which way I say?”

Vikenti scowled over his shoulder at Sloane. “Come up here and take control of your pet.”

Sloane grinned. “No.”

Vikenti scoffed loudly and sped his steps. Fawkes stayed at his side with graceful ease. She had perked up considerably once she’d seen they weren’t headed straight to the morgue. As impatient as Sloane was to get down there, to see what was happening, she also found it amusing to watch Vikenti become increasingly cantankerous. Now that Vikenti had said he would pull her in the loop, at least for today, she didn’t feel impatient because she knew he would fulfill that promise. No matter what.

Sloane sped her steps and walked on Vikenti’s other side. “This is the way to inventory.”

“Really. I didn’t realize.”

Vikenti’s dry sarcasm didn’t deter her.

“What’s in inventory that’s so important to get before we hit the morgue?”

“None of your business.”

“Well, it really is since you’re bringing us with you…”

“Should we guess?” Fawkes asked brightly, peering around Vikenti’s chest at Sloane.

“What’s the prize for the one who gets it right?”

“Hmm.” Fawkes screwed up her face in thought. “A book!”

Sloane rolled her eyes. “I like books but there aren’t any I care enough right now to read. Not a good prize for me.”

“Free dinner?”

“We’re always sharing the tab or buying for each other anyway so that’s no good.”

“Outing to the forest?”

“How would that even—”

“Would you two stop gambling in front of me?” Vikenti snapped, shoving them both on their shoulders away from him.

They rocked with the movement and simultaneously arced backward to peer behind his back at each other. Fawkes twined her fingers together and stretched her arms out straight behind her.

“Bet you five it’s something he forgot to do earlier and he has to do it now because the room will close,” Fawkes chirped.

“Hmm. I’m going ten on it being directly related to this case.”

“Then, I’ll make it ten that—”

“I didn’t mean that literally,” Vikenti all but yelled. He grabbed their shoulders and forced them straight. “Doing that behind my back is more obnoxious than in front!”

“Oh, is that so,” Sloane mused, tapping her finger against her lips.

“Is that so,” Fawkes echoed, tilting her head to the side.

“You have to be literal with us.”

“Very literal.”

“We never learned how to be metaphorical.”

“Skipped that lesson in class. Same with allegorical, figurative…”



“Let’s not even get into similes—”

“I am going to kill you,” Vikenti said flatly.

Sloane blinked innocently. “So, is that literal, or…?”

Fawkes peered around Vikenti at Sloane. “Well if he’s going to literally kill us, we’re in the best place to be.”

Sloane nodded sagely. “Police headquarters.”

“We’d get a homicide investigator assigned to our case right away.”

“Only problem would be if they made it Special Crimes, which they might for us.”

“Ohh… Imagine being assigned to investigate the murder you committed!”

“That would be the definition of an open and shut case.”

“Not literally, of course.”

“Oh, no. Not literally.”


“Possibly more figuratively.”

“Would that be ironic too, or…?”

Vikenti growled furiously and stormed ahead. Sloane grinned at Fawkes and high-fived her.

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