ICoS AU HS drabble: Scene 6 – Detention

Lexington High School – Scene 6. Detention

“…and then I grabbed that motherfucker by the back of the head and beat his face into the wall until it was bloody as shit,” Cade concluded with a proud smirk.

“Because he called your brother out on being gay?” Seth asked idly.

“He called him a faggot. Faggot! Can you believe it?”

Seth’s laugh was harsh and mocking. “You call him that every night, dude. Seriously. Every night.

Cade scoffed, balancing on the back legs of the chair. “That’s ’cause he’s a fairy-ass faggot. I caught him watching some gay porn the other day; it was disgusting. I about beat the shit out of him right there. But, see, I can call him whatever the fuck I want, ’cause he’s my brother. Anyone else does it and I’ll fuck them up. I ain’t gonna let some asshole make him cry at night.”


“What the fuck ever, bigshot,” Cade said snidely. “You’re here ’cause you nearly shanked a fucker for looking at you crossways.”


“So stop being a douche.”

Hsin let his hand drop to the desk in front of him with a loud thump. Why the hell was he always stuck in detention with complete morons? Why couldn’t they just lock him in a closet somewhere? At least then he wouldn’t have to hear people talk.

“Would you both shut the fuck up?”

Cade thunked his boots on his desk. “Why should we? You’re not doing shit over there, anyway. Deal with it.”

“Because your voice is the equivalent of a chainsaw, and if I punch you, I’ll get more detention.”

“At least you’ll be in the right place already.”

Good point.

Not that Hsin was going to say that to Cade. The guy was a walking steroid and needed to be destroyed. Not just for being an idiot, but also because he had a tendency to pick on Boyd. Just another name on the list of people that had been born unnecessarily. Trovosky being number one on that list.

The cocksucker.

Hsin clenched his jaw and looked up at the clock. Another hour. Goddamnit.

It was silent for a blissful thirty seconds before the door slammed open, the door knob colliding violently with the wall. Bex strode in looking lean and boyish in shredded jeans, a white wifebeater, and piercings everywhere. Her black hair shone blue under the lights.

“Get your fucking hands off me,” she growled, yanking away from Dean Archer violently.

He scoffed. “What a child. No resistance down the hallway, but the second you see another hooligan, you show off. Is your attitude only for the benefit of others?”

“Fuck yourself.”

“And you’ve just earned yourself another day of detention. Congratulations, Hunt. Keep it up and you can make it a full week.”

Bex flipped him off and sauntered into the room. Her dark eyes went from Seth, to Cade, and then finally settled on Hsin. Mouth turning up at the side, she plopped down in the chair next to him.

Doug was slouched in the wooden desk at the head of the class. He was reading a copy of Sports Illustrated and had one earbud plugged in.

Archer stopped next to Doug with crossed arms. “Everything good in here, Fergusen?”

“Grand,” Doug replied, not looking up.

“Paying close attention to your charges?”

“You know it.”

Archer shook his head and turned a glare on the students in the room. “Keep it up, kids, and you’re going to have me next. I’m watching detention the rest of the week. I see you in here, it’s going to be a lot less fun than any of the other teachers.”

Seth grinned at Archer, his eyes narrowing. “Keep it up, Dean Archer, and you’ll see how fun I can be in return.”

Archer’s entire expression darkened. He strode over, placed a heavy hand on Seth’s desk, and leaned down to stare with hawk-like intensity. “You listen up, Nguyen. I’m not afraid of you or your little Outlaw buddies. You think because Jared Strickland’s made a name for himself that somehow you’re safe, but the law’s the law, kid, in or out of school, and when you’re in this school you’re playing by our rules. You break those rules, you get detention or worse– no matter what your brother Tommy, or Jared, think they have to say about it. Got it?”

When Seth only sneered at Archer in return, Archer slammed his hand on the desk and said dangerously:

“I said. Got it?

There was a long, tense moment before Seth finally scowled and leaned back in his chair with his hands interwoven behind his head. He kicked his feet up on the desk, inches from smashing into Archer’s fingers.

“Whatever you say, Dean Archer,” he said, saccharine and sarcastic.

Archer glared at him for a breath before straightening abruptly. He once again swept a hard stare across the others in assessment, and then nodded to himself. As he left the room, he said: “Call me if you need me, Doug.”

Bex had briefly observed the confrontation before turning to Hsin once again. “What’re you in for this time?” When he didn’t even spare her a glance, she leaned over and tapped her fingers on his desk.

Cade snorted. “No use even asking about Vega. Probably got popped after someone else looked twice at that faggy little girlfriend of his.”

Hsin’s fingers curled into a fist.

Punch Cade. More detention. No Boyd.

He repeated the mantra and stared straight ahead, silent and focused on Doug’s stupid head of curly black hair.

Seth’s voice broke the tense silence. “What about you, Bex? What’d you do?” His chin was propped on his hand as he peered at her.

“Jordan and me got into it after gym,” Bex said flatly. She leaned close once again, shoving the flat of her palm against Hsin’s shoulder. “Which is what I gotta talk to you about, you mute bastard.”

“I couldn’t give less of a sweet fuck about you and your slutty sister.”

“I caught her blowing Trovosky in the locker room. Or trying to. Walked in just as she got on her bloody knees.”

“So, what, do you want to bond over our mutual hatred or something? Because I don’t bond.”

Bex looked over her shoulder, but Seth and Cade had already lapsed into a conversation of their own, the words hushed and barely heard over the increasing volume of muffled Dubstep coming from Doug’s earbuds.

“I want to get rid of the fucker.”

“Good luck with that. He doesn’t go away.”

“No.” Bex’s eyes turned to black slits and her mouth tightened into a slash. “I want to get rid of him.”

Hsin turned to her fully, one eyebrow arched. She looked completely serious. He blinked, wondering if he’d smoked more than usual earlier and was hearing things, but he was pretty sure that he wasn’t. With another quick glance at the other teenagers in the room, Hsin grabbed the leg of her desk and dragged it across the distance between them, pulling her with it effortlessly.

“You shouldn’t joke about things you don’t know about.”

“And you do?” she challenged, voice low.

“I’ve seen enough.”

Bex pressed her hands against the desk, gaze turning shrewd. “So it’s true what they say about your pops, then?”

“Don’t know. What do ‘they’ say?”

“That he’s one of the top killers for the South Side Boys.”

At that, Hsin’s mouth twisted and he gave her a mildly affronted stare. As if a Vega would work for some shitty street gang. When he didn’t reply, she waved her hand brusquely, dismissing the comment.

“The damn point is, everyone know he’s dangerous. So, he could help us, yeah? Help us clean it up.”

He could and probably would. Transportation, weapon, disposal and maybe even could pay off someone to give them alibis. Emilio could arrange it all. It was doable. It could work. Trovosky would be out of the way for good.


“I don’t really feel like pissing Boyd off that much, to be honest. It’s basically not worth the effort. Besides, my father is too busy with Mr. Carhart to pay attention to my problems.”

Bex stared at him incredulously. When she didn’t fuck right off, he gave her an unfriendly glare.

“So get lost, woman. I have things to do.”

Like contemplate the point of high school. And life in general without Boyd.

After a moment, Bex sneered and got up. She marched across the room to stand by the other two teenagers, shooting Hsin the occasional hateful look. As he watched out of the corner of his eye, he saw her lean down, hands planted on the table, and hiss something to Seth. Seth nodded, his stupid face all intent and interested, and when Bex took a step back, it looked like she’d been pacified.


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