Fiji Journal Entry: No Laugh Zacky

I was looking through my old journal entries from Fiji for a project and ran across some amusing anecdotes. Below are some excerpts, the first being one where I was listing things in bullet point format I’d forgotten to mention in an earlier entry. I redacted the names of the parents and changed some names to protect the kids’ identities. Also, for context, Amitesh was a baby boy, maybe 1ish or younger? And Bina was a little girl around 5 years old.

10/10/04, Sunday; 11:02 pm

-hilarious kid lives upstairs — Zachariah. Mom’s half Fijian, half Indo-Fijian, dad’s Indian. “Zacky” is a little kid–maybe 2?– who doesn’t speak very clearly and likes to demand “No laugh!” very abruptly in such a manner as to make it impossible — for me, at least — to do anything but laugh.

-ripping myself out of some fucked up (in amusing ways) dreams at 3:20 pm on a Sunday afternoon because I think I hear someone yell, “Anaconda movie!” and I feel like I should watch it since it was filmed in Fiji.

11/10/04, Monday; 10:03 pm

Today I had no school in honor of Fiji Independence Day yesterday. It was awesome.

No Laugh Zacky made me laugh lots when he stared at me and said, “Go away!” then “bye” in roughly the same breath. Amitesh had me laughing when he got so excited about slapping my hand in a low high five that he started grinning adorably and wheezing in what was apparently his super uber cute kid version of a laugh.

I learned more about Islam and Muslims and a few other religions. And, partially on accident and partially as a joke, I ended up having Bina spell my name as “prawn”.

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