Fiji journal entry, aka Fun with languages

I was reminded of my time in Fiji so I decided to pull out one of the journals I wrote when I was there. Below is an entry I wrote. Yes, I wrote it like that including the emoticon lol I apparently write like I’m writing a story online even when writing in a journal.

Thursday December 2, 2004; 8:54 pm

Natasha invited several people over for food. Sherin and her daughters Zarin and… someone ^^;… and Aziz’s sis and kid, I think, and, hell, not sure who these people are. Anyway, Zarin, Natasha and I were in the kitchen. Before that, actually, everyone all night has been chattering rapidly mostly in Hindi. I find it makes a nice background noise and don’t really pay attention a lot. I heard Tash say something to someone– it had mangtaa in it (want) so I jokingly said:

“Ek million dollar mangtaa~?” (Do you want a million dollars?)

Sherin said my accent is just like theirs. I told her I thought I had a crappy one–then told Tash she’d been teasing me about it too much.

And she’s like, “Of course. I take credit. I must be a really good teacher.”

A while after that, Zarin, Tash and I were in the kitchen. I was putting away my water pump and Zarin was getting more rice pudding Tash had made for the occasion. She said something in Hindi that I didn’t understand so I didn’t pay attention. Tash paused, then turned to Zarin and repeated, but suddenly I understood it:

“Gee, I made something good?” Tash said, and before Zarin could answer I blinked and said, surprised:

“Oh! That was English!”

Zarin, in the middle of taking a bite of rice pudding, started laughing, crumpling in on herself in the classical I’m Too Amused To Stand Straight position.

“You said it with a Hindi accent… I just thought it was Hindi and was thinking how I didn’t understand it and then I realized it was English…” I continued, bemused.

“Boy, these Americans,” Tash commiserated to Zarin. “After 8 their mind just goes.” She waved her fingers helpfully around her temples.

“Hey!” I said, laughing. “I’m the one speaking English with a Hindi accent.”

Zarin started laughing more, pacing around the kitchen in amusement while I switched to mocking the Hindi accent.

“Whaaat language are you SPEAKINGG, hai?” I teased Natasha. We were all laughing by now and I started toward my room. “IIII like English hai!” And right before I opened my door I did our classic, “konchii bole?” line.

I heard Tash laughing harder, while the other visitors in the living room started saying to each other “konchii bole!” as if wondering if they’d heard me right. It was amusing.

Konchii bole = what are you saying? At least, I think it means that. lol.

[[The entry went into an update on the status of the paper I was writing and went into other topics but I saw this one part below and thought it was also kind of funny so I’m including it as well]]

PS: I killed my first cockroach today. He was under my eye care solution and I had my glasses and contacts off so I couldn’t see him and it was freaky and then he ran for S’s door so I had to stop him. I squished him so bad his insides oozed out but he still kept trying to run and twitching and I threw a shoe on him and waited for Natasha to end it.

She came over and went, “Wow!”

“What?” I asked, paranoid.

“There’s almost nothing left of him. If this was CSI I’d walk in and say– Impossible! Unsolvable! Not enough evidence! Half his body is gone!”

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