Rereading Dead Rain/NaNo

I’ve been rereading parts of the book I started in NaNo. I hadn’t touched it in weeks so I’d forgotten about parts of it.

It makes me happy to discover that I actually really like it. I love the magic system in it, and I really like the characters. It’s still fun to me to read it even seeing how much editing it needs. And that makes me particularly happy because I almost never think anything I write is good, especially not if I’ve read it once before.

And I keep wanting to write more in it which is also good– this feeling of excitement for a story, when so many other stories I have to write sound boring to me in contrast. I think I was really missing fantasy.

3 thoughts on “Rereading Dead Rain/NaNo

  1. Fina Lau February 10, 2014 / 1:13 am

    You write fantasy too? I love fantasy 😀 Really curious, want to read Dead Rain

    • Ais February 10, 2014 / 10:38 am

      I love fantasy too! It’s probably my favorite, to be honest. I always loved fantasy even since I was a kid. The story I really want to write is my fantasy novel series (which is not Dead Rain) but it’s so complicated that I haven’t been focusing on it lately. Dead Rain has been more fun to write because it’s not complicated, comparatively, although there are a number of plots happening.

      Anyway I’d released an excerpt of it during NaNo but I put it on facebook and I can never figure out how to link directly to a post, so I just copied the post instead and pasted it below for you in case you’re curious. I can’t remember if I excerpted it here at the blog, too. I might not have.

      NaNo excerpt! I’ll post it at lj too, I just decided to do it here. For context: this character is blind.

      With new resolution, he rolled off the bed, and felt around until his hand connected with the bowl. He brought it with him as he paced the room and located the exact center. There, he sat down cross-legged and rested the bowl lightly on his fingertips at the center of his lap. He closed his eyes and tipped his head forward, feeling his dreadlocks falling forward over his shoulders.

      He breathed evenly; a long pull in, a slow draw out, until his heartbeat evened and the room fell away around him. The center of his forehead itched. When he had been a child, he had hated the feeling. He still remembered their training. The way Robin had laughed at him and had repeatedly flicked him hard on the spot, until Oz had protested and Robin had told him, “Now the itching doesn’t bother you as much, does it?”

      Now, he felt it with relief. Here was the only way he would ever see again, under his own control.

      Blue light burned first at his fingertips and third eye, then raced outward along the surface of his skin until it connected at his arms, and raced down his torso. He couldn’t see it but he could feel it so strongly it lent a solid image in his mind. It had always been the same, even when he could see. He remembered so clearly the look of those veins hovering outside his skin, outlining the capillaries around his body in a complex cloud of thin lines. The pulse of the power along with his heartbeat.

      The mark of witch’s blood.

  2. Fina Lau February 10, 2014 / 12:57 pm

    This excerpt is really promising a good story 😀 Can’t wait for more of them.
    I’ll rummage around your facebook page to find more excerpts you’re already putting there.

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