WIP Files: ART, ICoS, Boyd and the balloon, 1/15/14

WIP Files, 1/15/14. Just in time! Anyway I was in chat and realized I didn’t have a WIP Files update for today and asked for a prompt for a one panel art thing. Kenya suggested Boyd sucking on a balloon dick while Hsin is out of town and this is what I ended up with. Sorry it isn’t entertaining and probably, if anything, is disturbing lol I forgot to try drawing it in a new style…

WIP Files: ART, ICoS, Hsin, 1/14/14


For my WIP Files… I got it in before the new day woohoo! Anyway I want to work on some new styles of art. I got a funny idea for a Hsin comic but rather than drawing the whole thing in the old style I want to try some different styles first to see what I like.

btw I was too lazy to pull out the bamboo tablet so I just drew this with my mouse, hence the particularly unsteady lines.

WIP Files: 1/13/14, RESEARCH: Laskar Pelangi, film, Tayla/Liani

I watched Laskar Pelangi, Rainbow Troops, which is based on a book by the same name written by Andrea Hirata. It’s about a group of poor school kids and their devoted teachers in Gantung, Belitung Island, Indonesia, in the 1970’s. More information on the book/film can be found at wikipedia.

This is the location where it’s set:



And here is where you can watch the movie with English subtitles (hit the little cc button if you don’t see them appear right away).

The movie made me laugh and cry. I thought it was really good. I liked two of the kids in particular; Lintang and Mahar. Mahar is really funny about midway through the movie, and he cracks me up how he keeps calling the other kids, “Boy.” He has a swagger that is so endearing. Lintang is super intelligent and a really good kid. I liked him a lot because he was also the glue that held others together in places.

I recommend the film if anyone is interested in the topic. I haven’t read the book but I’m assuming it would be as good as, if not better than, the film.

WIP Files

I have found over the years that I get depressed if I’m not constantly “productive,” which usually means every day I need to do SOMETHING that I deem useful or else I feel really down. I’ve decided I need to do something about this. Along these lines, I also tend to be more motivated if I think people actually care if I’m doing anything.

So I’m starting the WIP Files. 

Every day I’m going to do something in one of my projects– it can be research for a story (which can include reading, watching items, learning pieces of a language, etc), writing even a paragraph in any of my many projects, drawing even a panel in any of the many comic ideas/prompts I have, or any other project that arises. I will post something every day; a screenshot or excerpt or review of research notes, it doesn’t matter. It will all go into my WIP Files, and it will help me keep track of my progress and make me feel less useless, and for anyone interested in any of the projects it might be interesting, too.

The only way I’ll actually follow through on this is if I post it online in public where people can see it. If it’s just me, I will forget or lose interest and stop. So, I apologize in advance because there should be at least one small post every day from now on, and if it bothers you I will understand if you unfollow me or stop checking this blog. I might also post this simultaneously on tumblr, and perhaps eventually I will get it down to posting on just one of the two places. I will be tagging all of this “my WIP Files” on both sites, so if you find a way to block that tag that should help.

Note that this will be a range of projects, probably all original works, not all In the Company of Shadows-related but some of them will be. If anyone wants to try starting WIP Files for themselves along with me, they’re welcome to do so 🙂