Fade research: Slide

This post contains spoilers for Fade chapter 1 and beyond.

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Behind the scenes, research: Fade chapter 9

Below is a set of notes I sent to Sonny in 2010 while we were writing Fade chapter 9. This is being included here as an example of some of the behind the scenes research we did when we got the chance, to try to make things as accurate as possible for the locations, dates, and times when the various scenes were set.

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Welcome and PS: what’s ICoS anyway?

There won’t be any chronology in the posting of information on this blog. As I find research, notes, or write excerpts to share, I will post them as the timing makes sense to me and not in context of each other. You will also see behind the scenes notes or outtakes of chats for different parts of In the Company of Shadows, often abbreviated simply as ‘icos.’ The series is a slash (m/m) post-apocalyptic drama I co-wrote with my friend Sonny (who is now going by Santino Hassell and has recently started self-publishing his own books. Check him out at www.santinohassell.com!)

Please beware spoilers! I will always mention what chapter the research information is tied to. Please use caution in reading that post if you intend to read the series and haven’t yet read that chapter.

Although the beginning of this blog will have a lot of information related to icos, that is because I have 7 years worth of random comments, research, or behind the scenes information that readers might be interested to read. I will start including more original, non-icos stuff as time passes, and even in the beginning things may be sprinkled in that are unrelated to icos.