Fade research: Slide

This post contains spoilers for Fade chapter 1 and beyond.

I knew drugs would be involved in Cyclone from the moment the extended valentine was conceived. I also knew that as a businessman, Aleixo would only use the best. And to get the best, he would fund the creation of a designer drug to meet his specific needs. I then researched what the most effective aphrodisiacs were at the time of writing/researching that aspect of the story, and also took into account the advanced medical technology of our alternate time line.

The result is commonly known as Slide. To get a general idea of the drug, imagine something like a hybrid of crystal meth and bremelanotide/PT-141.

Parent company: Cyclone
The company created for the design and manufacturing of Slide: Xentria Research and Technology
drug’s real name: XRT-330
slang names: Triple X, Liquid Sex, and Slide (originally the list was Triple X, Trip, Slide, and Little Death. I changed it to simplify it)
user: Slider
options: Street Slide, Slide, etc

Aleixo’s adult film company: Zenith Industries

The logo for Cyclone is loosely stylized; three lines at a downward angle and getting smaller as they go, and one longer line at the top almost horizontally straight.

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